New Baby in the Family

Yey! We have a new baby in the family! Say Hello to Baby Evan Manuel! πŸ™‚

Baby Evan

No, he’s not ours… Baby Evan Manuel is my older brother’s second son! My sister-in-law gave birth today and they just posted the birth photos in their Facebook and I was the very first one to respond!

We have a new angel in the family! Isn’t he a cutie? My sister-in-law said he’s a really pretty little baby just like my brother… naks!!! And that Baby Evan cries so loud! Nothing could be more adorable than a little baby crying.

Thanks to technology, even though they live halfway around the world from us, we can still see them and talk to them always. The last time we saw each other and spent wonderful times together was in July and it was so much fun and Baby Evan was still in his mommy’s tummy! And now, he’s finally here! Ready to explore the world. We hope to see them one of these days. I hope they get to visit us here too! πŸ™‚

Anyway, welcome Baby Evan Manuel to the family!!!! We love you! πŸ™‚

Breastfeeding No More

Nine months and a week, that’s how long I have breastfed Baby Job. I wanted to breastfeed longer but the little one just stopped. He did not want to take mommy’s milk anymore and my supply was also very low. I was also very stressed and emotionally down, I was crying for days and felt so so low when Baby Job turned 9 months. I guess that contributed to my milk loss (if that’s the term). And weeks before, I was always out of the house, I had a lot of errands to do and was out of town too and had to leave Baby Job to the nanny’s care and had him on formula.

So now, he’s into formula. I am back to washing and sterilizing baby bottles again… daunting task… aarrggghhh… πŸ™

avent bottle

Baby Job… your daddy and I will have to work harder now…

He finishes a can of formula in just 4 days and he can gulp down a full bottle in just a few minutes! Whew! He’s getting heavier by the day and my back hurts already! Talk about getting old here, LOL! πŸ™‚

Baby Changing Stations

I am just glad that the malls now in the country have placed baby changing stations in designated areas. Some are inside the female restrooms while some are located specifically for nappy change and other baby-related activities like breastfeeding.

Back in the days, well, when I was still single, I often see moms placing their little babies on top of tables and change nappies or cleaning the baby’s bottoms or changing their clothes. It is such a poor sight then, but thanks to Β the minds that created baby changing tables and stations, moms and babies alike now have the full freedom to unclothed the little ones privately, without others having to raise their eyebrows.

I am glad that baby changing station are now available online and even parents like me can buy one for the house. I have seen sturdy and well-built changing tables from I am sure that the changing stations they have can carry far more than the weight it can ever hold and are designed for complete cleaning, they are also hygienic and protects the baby from any harmful bacteria.Β At, they have a lot of changing tables and stations, even high chairs, booster chairs and child protection seats. They are the perfect online store for all these essentials.

baby changing station

Baby changing stations such as the photo above is truly an ingenious and brilliant creation. It keeps the baby happy and healthy and the mommy secure and worry-free.

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