School is Almost Over

In as little as two weeks, Kuya Bogs’ first school year here in Canada will be over. Since our arrival here, he has been in school for nine months, but he was in school before we came, he was an SK too back in our homeland and had started two months there, so he had a total of eleven (11) months in the four corners of the classroom! Whew! What a feat for my 6-year old boy!

Before coming here, we had him stop going to school so that he can rest, yes, he was able to rest for more than a month, and after that, he faced nine months in a new school, speaking English (and just a few words of our own dialect here in the house), learning a new culture, meeting new friends and getting assessed for the Gifted program, broke his chin while playing, and most of all, loving Canada (he said he doesn’t want to go back to our homeland anymore, lol!), embracing its beauty and the many wonderful opportunities around him.

Hubby and I have also survived those nine months of bringing and picking him up in school, through the windy and breezy mornings of Fall, snowy and cold days of Winter, and now the bright, sunny and beautiful days of Spring. I have survived through the many ideas on what to put in his lunch box every single day and at least 60% of those lunches came back half-empty! It was tough and difficult, but we’ve gone through his first school year here with flying colors! Yippeee! I am looking forward to his first Summer Camp, which is about seven (7) weeks, so that he won’t get bored just staying here in the house.

We thank God for all these, for letting us and seeing us all through these months, for the wisdom He has bestowed on our little boy, for the good health, for everything that He has done for us. And for the school years to come, we trust in Him to be with us! 🙂

Spring Concert Today

Today was Kuya Bogs’s Spring Concert in school. He was so excited that he had been counting the days and had been asking me questions about his song, the Lollipop Tree. The concert commenced with a pizza party courtesy of the school board and each person got a maximum of two slices of pizza and a drink. So for us, we got 5 slices as hubby ordered two for him. So after the pizza party, we brought Kuya Bogs to his classroom and all the parents went to the gym.

The small gym had no decorations, it was a very simple stage, the exact opposite of Kuya Bogs’ former school back home. So at about 6:15 pm, the principal welcomed everyone and were excited to see the first performance from the Kindergarten. The JKs went first and then the SKs where Kuya Bogs was. He was on the second line and glad that he was able to sing the song. All his classmates had fun singing in front of people they don’t even know.

After that, they were brought back to their classroom and we watched a few more performances and then decided to go home. The little boys were now fussy and cranky plus it was also raining and hubby had to go to work later. So I picked up Kuya Bogs in his classroom and we went home.

Unfortunately, my camera died down on me earlier today so I had no photos of Kuya Bogs, but I was able to record their performance in hubby’s phone. At least I have a remembrance of Kuya Bogs’ first Spring concert here.

Spring Concert

Last week, we got a letter from Kuya Bogs’ school informing us of the upcoming Spring concert and open house. It will be on the 6th of June, just two days from now and Kuya Bogs is so excited. It will be his first time to perform in school (here) and in front of a crowd, although he will be singing along with his classmates, but he is still very excited about it.

He has already asked me to watch him and I am just so happy because it’s by 6 in the evening and I don’t have work and his dad starts work later at 11 pm. So we are all going to watch the show. I am also excited for my school boy and have already thought of what he’s going to wear, lol! Anyway, there will be a pizza party before the concert and then the children can play afterwards till 7 pm. The concert I guess won’t take that long so it will be fun-filled.

I hope to see my Kuya Bogs sing well on Thursday and I hope Job won’t be fussy. 😉