Be a Safer Driver

For anyone who wants to be a safer driver, the Parrot Bluetooth car kit at offers the chance to have fully compatible Bluetooth in any vehicle. While some cars come preinstalled with Bluetooth, older vehicles do not. This kit enables anyone to have Bluetooth capabilities in their car. Whether you’re interested in hands-free driving capabilities or you’re looking for Bluetooth to use with your music, this Parrot Bluetooth kit offers anyone the chance to have Bluetooth in their car. Many accidents occur as a result of distracted driving. While many people believe that distracted driving means someone texted while driving, the truth is that many individuals are distracted drivers and may not ever send a text. Anything that causes you to divert your attention from the road can be a distraction. Examples include crying children, putting on makeup, changing the radio station or trying to make a phone call. While Bluetooth can’t remove all distractions, Bluetooth capabilities certainly reduce distractions. Bluetooth is much more than simply offering users the chance to make phone calls without typing the phone number. It’s about having the chance to have a fully automated computer system in their vehicle that can do anything from play music through your vehicle speakers to stream movie sounds through the speakers.

Toyota Sienna, the Perfect Family Car

Hubby and I got a brochure in the mail, it was from a car dealer in town and the brochure featured the Toyota Sienna. There were also Toyota Sienna special offers included in the brochure. As hubby and I read through the material, we were so amazed at the car’s features.

It seats up to eight passengers, so there’s four extra seats for us, if we think of bringing MIL and SIL here soon, we still have more room for other guests! But if for family travel, the versatile interior can adapt to our needs. So we can always carry with us our stroller for our toddler and other stuff. There is space for cargo and everything can be placed inside not thinking of leaving anything behind. The Toyota Sienna is also equipped with the latest technology like Bluetooth and Display Navigation with Entune that lets you make hands-free phone calls and stream music from your phone or portable device. Its safety features are also superb. All these and more make this the perfect family car.

Now with all the special offers and deals in the brochure, hubby and I are thinking it a thousand times if we are really ready to have a car. Well, for now, we actually don’t need one, because everything is accessible from where we live. Our work places are just walking distances from the apartment, the grocery, the pharmacy, thrift store, school, malls and hospitals can be reached using the public transportation. So we can’t still see the need to have a car. But if we plan to move to another place or location, then we might get one.

As we browsed and read through the brochure, we both hoped that we can afford to have one. We also thought of the special offer, that we can also save a lot and with the other deals that go with it. But then again, we are still weighing the pros and cons especially with the financial aspect. Well, probably in the near future, we will consider buying a Toyota Sienna for us. By that time, we surely will be able to afford one for the whole family.

A Family Car… in the Making

My family of four can no longer fit in our motorcycle. In a span of seven years of being together, our two-wheeled vehicle is no longer enough for me, my hubby and the two little boys. A law has also been passed prohibiting children below 10 years old to ride or be a passenger in motorcycles. With these changes and developments, there is really a need to buy a four-wheeled vehicle. Having a car would really be a great help and it is already a necessity for us especially that our school boy goes to school in the city. A car is also safer and more comfortable than the motorcycle, it allows us to travel without thinking of the ever-unpredictable weather.

Because of this need, hubby has been scouting online for cars for sale, he has also decided to settle even for pre-owned cars (our budget is not for the brand new ones). He has also ask for quotes from different car companies, and even for an rv insurance quote, which I find so amusing. So if our budget allows us to buy, hubby would then just refer to the quotes and we decide from there. But for now, since we still have not reached our goal, we will minimize our travels using the motorcycle, just to be safe.