Slane Jewelry as Anniversary Gifts

Our wedding anniversary is months away, but as of now, I am already thinking of what to give to my hubby. I know he is not the type that wears jewelry and blings, but for a change, I would like to give him a slane bee pendant for his necklace. I have been browsing the Internet all these times and planning of a unique gift for him. I know he deserves more than just jewelry, but showing and letting him feel how much I love him, and the little boys too, I guess is more than enough.

I find Slane jewelry a bit more than my budget for an anniversary gift, and I hope that I can reach my target before that day, but the amount doesn’t matter, as long as it’s heartily given. I know too well that he won’t be able to use it everyday, but I hope that during special occasions, he would wear that anniversary gift. Slane jewelry as anniversary gifts are really perfect and beautiful, that is why I am choosing it and saving for it. I really do hope that hubby would like it. 🙂

Unusual Cases

Every day, hubby faces various medical conditions, infectious diseases and other medical-related problems. But there are days too that he gets to advise patients with unusual cases. Well, it’s not really unusual, it’s just somehow a taboo. Some men would approach my hubby privately and would ask for advice related to potency. Because he is no “expert” in these cases, he would ask me to search the Internet for such problems. But hubby knows too that there are various supplements like enlarge maxx that are available online that these men can buy. So sometimes, he would suggest to try them out too. But most of the time, he would tell them to have a check up as there may be underlying causes to such problems.

When hubby gets home from the hospital, he would tell me what transpired at work. We do find it unusual really because many people here still find it a taboo.

Bonding Time with Hubby

Rodliz’s Nest
For the past month now, every afternoon at around 4:30 to 5 pm, I drop whatever I am doing. Why so? Because hubby is home by then and just sits on the porch relaxing after a long day’s work. Well, actually every afternoon we do spend it at the town plaza with our little boy playing the whole time. But since the hospital does not accept admissions for the meantime now, he’s home early and there are no more calls after those hours and even in the night time. He now has time to relax and has more time to spend with us.

So every afternoon, we just sit outside and bring out some snacks to share, sometimes chips, or fried bananas or just nuts. It’s the only time I get to bond and have a date with my ever busy and workaholic husband and I am thankful for these times that we are able to talk about our day, our plans, everything! Sometimes we just sit and watch our neighbors pass by, and yesterday, we just watch the birds in the trees and just enjoyed the afternoon breeze. I am enjoying every moment that hubby’s around because when the hospital is in full operation again, it would be so hard to find time to bond with him.

So I thank the Lord for all these times we have now. I hope that everyday we can still get to do this. That’s how we celebrate being together! And this is also my first entry for Couple’s Corner.