Immigration Help

Because of the recent calamities that struck the Philippines in the past weeks, many of those who have relatives living in the United States specifically in Los Angeles, California are asking immigration lawyer los angeles-based to help them expedite or hasten pending applications or petitions of relatives especially those who have been significantly or personally affected by the calamities.

I know that the government of Canada is doing something about this so I bet the US government is also doing the same thing. Relatives of those affected by the earthquake and the world’s strongest typhoon to hit landfall are worried of their loved ones back home who have to deal with no or limited supply of food and water, no shelter, no power, everything washed and wiped out by the strong winds and the strong storm surges, and have lost everything. It is such an agony to be far away from loved ones and the feeling of helplessness is just so stressful. So hopefully, many applications will be approved and that immigration lawyers can help in such cases.

Ornaments With Love Review

I offer this post to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. As I assembled and lit up our first Christmas tree here, I thought and said a prayer (and did my share) for my fellow countrymen back home who have to go through all these ordeal. Despite all that has happened, may you have a merry Christmas. You all are in our thoughts.

Christmas is just a few weeks away and I have never been this excited about Christmas. It’s our second Christmas here in Canada, our second winter and I have just seen how excited the people here are to buy gifts for loved ones, to decorate and light up their Christmas trees and to celebrate the birthday of our Lord. Last year, we started out with nothing, and months of working has allowed us to buy our very first Christmas tree here in Canada. It may not be the real one, but at least it symbolizes Christmas.

I was so giddy to put up our Christmas tree and when it was done, I had a few of the ornaments that I bought put up too. One of these ornaments are from Ornaments with Love. It is a personalized bear family (which I find so cute) Christmas ornament with hearts and two children. While browsing through Ornaments with Love’s website, this is the one that I find fitting for our Christmas tree.

I love that the ornament can be personalized and at the website, it was so easy to do it. I just wrote the names of my family members and placed my order and viola! This is the ornament at the website:

ornaments with love

And the personalized ornament I got:

ornaments with love

Labado Family 2013 Christmas Ornament

I really like the bears and it just reminded me that during our first family camping last August, we had bears as our names on our camp tee-shirts, so when I saw this, it was just perfect! I also like that our names are clear and bold. This personalized ornament measures 4.5″ x 3.75″ and is made of clay dough. Its size is not too big and not too small for our Christmas tree. The colours are also bright and it just feels so Christmas! This ornament is also our first ever that I have adorned our first Christmas tree.

ornaments with love

Our first Christmas tree here, still needs to be adorned with more ornaments! But I love it, my little boys love the lights and our family ornament!

Ornaments with Love offers personalized Christmas tree ornaments and they have a wide selection of ornaments to choose from. They have categories like families, pets, houses, military, professions, hobbies, music, angels, sports, friends, teens and so much more. They also have picture frames, tabletop decorations and other miscellaneous items that you can personalize and give to your loved ones or to a special someone.

To know more  about Ornaments with Love and to order your own personalized Christmas ornament, head over to their website, check out their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter and Pinterest! They have tons of ideas and ornaments to choose from.

*Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the product mentioned above for review purposes only. The opinions are my own, based on personal experience with the product.

What Have You Done Today?

This is the question I’ve asked myself today.

After work, I went home with two bags of grocery. I know most of the items in my grocery bag were stuff that we don’t need the most, and as I unpacked my stuff, I felt guilty and ashamed of myself. Why? Because just barely two days, the aftermath of super typhoon Haiyan is all over the news and in my Facebook. Desperate calls for help, friends asking for donations, posts of people who have survived the strongest typhoon ever recorded in history. I felt the guilt for buying stuff that could have fed the survivors, for spending money that could have been used to buy bottles and gallons of potable water, that could have clothed children.

So what have you done today?

I just did my share. I sent a hundred percent of what I spent today to friends who have families and relatives who are victims of the super typhoon. The guilt was replaced with compassion and empathy. That is what I have done today. It may be a small amount that I’ve shared, but it will be able to help the victims, provide them meals for a day, help them rebuild their lives (in a way).

I know, I’ve said these in my previous posts when my own family became victims of a massive 7.2 magnitude earthquake in the middle of October. But again, I will say this, they will be able to rebuild their lives, it may take time, but they will. Filipinos are resilient, can still afford to smile even in pain, even in the most depressing circumstances, Filipinos are genuinely long suffering. They, we, will rise again.

So what have you done today?