Finding Time to Give with …Swamp Mats?

It’s always fun to hear about a new company that is doing more than talking about helping the community. That’s why I was surprised when I was told about a swamp mat company that does more than muck around in the marshes. Quality Mat Company is a charitable business located in Beaumont, TX. The very picture of Southern kindness, the family owned company does a lot of good aside from the dull sounding day to day of manufacturing and selling new and used mats.

     • All net profits from the Houston office are given to charity.

    • Rental mats are color coded to differentiate between other companies.           Quality Mat chose pink to promote breast cancer awareness everywhere the mats go.

    • If you can name a local charity, Quality Mat has likely been involved at some point. They work with over 30 of them regularly.

     • The Penland family, that runs Quality Mat, has such a big heart that they personally give to many charitable events and organizations, such as the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

It’s always heartwarming to hear about a business that is looking out for everyone else. If you want to find out more about Quality Mat, they feature one of their favorite charities every month on their blog. If you’re looking to participate or give to a charity, these are all great, amazing organizations, like the Girl’s Haven,  100 Club of Southeast Texas, and Gift of Life program.

Moving With Less Hassle

Moving from one place to another can be a very daunting task. There are so many things to take care of. Your belongings to be packed and maybe shipped or transported, and probably your vehicle too. Some families who opt not to sell their automobiles bring along with them their cars when they move. It is a concern, but with Auto Transport, the problem of transporting your vehicle will be solved.

Planning for auto transport is not also easy, you have to prepare ahead of time. It is also your responsibility to know more about Auto Transport Information as a way of preparing for the move. It is also to your discretion to choose which type of carrier you want, the open or the closed type. The owner must also fill up the car’s gas tank with a quarter tank of gas, this is for loading on and off the car into the carrier. Personal effects and valuables should also not be placed inside the vehicle. You wouldn’t want to lose some things during transport. Have the car on maintenance check too before transporting it.

Moving and transferring is indeed not easy. There are so many things to consider, but thankfully, there are companies that will make our life more easier and convenient.