Instajunction Framed Prints Review

It has always been my plan to print the photos in my phone or in my camera but that has actually never happened. But when Instajunction offered me to do a review on one of their products, I chose the framed prints! Find out why.

Instajunction loves Instagram. I love Instagram too. Instagram has been a witness to the growth of my little boys and my family’s daily adventures. So Instajunction puts your Instagram photos on unique, high-quality products that can be used daily, give out as gifts to family and friends and for decorating the home. Instajunction likes to print photos, not just boring stuff but fun and exciting things you can share and show off to people. Simply put, Instajunction prints photos from your Instagram, Facebook or any uploaded photo in a range of fun and unique high quality products – from sticker books to coasters, polaroid style cards to wall vinyl, magnets, cufflinks, wrapping paper and so much more. So I chose the framed prints because I want to adorn our bare walls with my boys’ fun and cute Instagram photos!

Here’s what I got from Instajunction:


My framed Instagram photos!

Here’s my son so happy to see photos of him and his baby brother!

Instajunction review

The Instajunction framed prints has displays of 1, 4, 9 or 16. I chose the nine because for me it showcases more photos, though the 4 and 3 are also nice. Anyway, the frames are made of solid wood, and the paper is made from 350gsm heavyweight card. The frame is also ready to hang as it has already been supplied with. Its size is 37.5cm x 37.5 cm, just perfect for our bare and empty living room walls. I am planning of getting one or two more frames as each costs only £24.99 (about or less than $40) plus a flat rate per order. If you want to order, do it NOW! Instajunction gives you all my readers 25% discount on all orders placed up until the 8th of December. So head over to their website, Instajunction ships fast and your order will definitely reach before gift-giving time!

I hung it on our still empty living room wall and it does need two more to make it more lively!

Instajunction review

I love that Instajunction has very easy to follow instructions on how to make framed prints or other products. I chose the framed prints first then picked my photos from my Instagram account, then followed the payment or check out procedures and it was done! The print came in just about a week after I ordered it! Fast and easy! Instajunction products are perfect as gifts too, just give them the address where you want the product sent to and they’ll send it.

I love Instajunction, so if you like Instagram, you might want to check out Instajunction or follow them on Facebook and Twitter for specials, discounts, promos and more information.

*Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the product mentioned above for review purposes only. The opinions are my own, based on personal experience with the product.

Laptop Lunches Bento Lunchbox Review

I have been practicing my bento-making adventures these past couple of months and so far, I’ve collected a handful of bento supplies and accessories and have made several bento lunches for my school boy. I am a newbie to this kind of hobby and even though I always ran out of ideas and SPACE in my son’s not-so-big lunchbox, I am always inspired by the many moms (and their blogs) who make creative lunches (and healthy ones) for their children.

When I got hold of the Laptop Lunches Bento-Ware Bento Lunchbox, I was so happy because I finally now have a lot of SPACE for my son’s lunches and by the way, my son chose this color!

laptop lunches bento lunchbox

Laptop Lunches Bento Lunchbox is perfectly sized for my school boy, although I find it a little big for his lunch bag, but its size if big enough to hold serving portions fit for a first-grader. Inside the box are four containers or compartments with various sizes that sits just right. Two big and small containers and a tiny one have lids which are water-tight (leak-proof), while the two others don’t have. It also has a section where I can place my son’s spoon and fork and a napkin.

laptop lunches bento lunchbox

I asked my son (after showing him how to, he’s only six years old) to open the lunchbox himself and surprisingly, he found it very easy to open, with hands and fingers half my size and whose fine motor skills are continually developing, the lunchbox did not give him hard time. Laptop Lunches containers are dishwasher and microwave safe (not the lids), it is BPA, PVC and Lead-free so it’s very safe to use. It’s also very easy to clean and allows me to interchange the containers for fun! Laptop lunches lunchbox is also eco-friendly, that means they are recycled, recyclable, and eliminates the use of plastic zippy bags, foil or cling wrap and ever since I’ve hooked to bento and making fun lunches for my school, I have not used a lot of zippy baggies anymore. Another feature of this lunchbox is that every compartment has a name label space at the bottom, so you can stick a name label on it and don’t worry of losing it. Laptop Lunches though sell extras and replacement. Most of all it is cost-effective, packing own lunches just lets me SAVE a lot than buying those prepared lunches.

I’ve packed a couple of lunches using the Laptop Lunches Bento Lunchbox that we got and here they are:

laptop lunches bento lunchbox review

Lunch #1 includes creamy bacon carbonara (my son’s favourite), some carrot sticks with spinach dip, strawberries and banana fritters. I also sent him a Lunchbox Love card to simply remind him that he makes me sooo happy!

laptop lunches bento lunchbox review

Lunch #2: We had some leftover chicken nuggets and rice, some popcorn, apple slices, animal crackers, and a car-shaped boiled egg.

laptop lunches bento lunchbox review

Lunch #3: He had what I call hotdog people on top of rice, pretzels, with WOWButter dip on the small container, baked & dried mango chips, grapes, extra hotdog people on a train food pick, and a granola bar.

So far, all his lunches came back with very few leftovers (mostly the rice and some pretzels and mango chips) and being a picky eater that he is, packing these food in a colourful lunchbox has greatly helped. It keeps his dry and wet food separated (much to my delight) thus letting him eat them in their original state. No soggy and yucky (wet) crackers or sandwich anymore! 🙂

Overall, Laptop Lunches Bento Lunchbox is approved by my picky eater school boy and by mum! We both love it and he wants to use it everyday even though it does not fit in his lunch bag, which will probably lead me soon to purchase a lunch bag from Laptop Lunches!

If you are looking for inspiration on making fun, creative and healthy lunches, head over to the Laptop Lunches website for menu ideas, recipes, and you’ll soon find yourself listing down and bookmarking the pages (like I did)! You can also check them out on Facebook, see what they’ve been pinning on Pinterest and follow them on Twitter as well!

*Disclosure: I did not receive compensation for this review. Laptop Lunches did however let me purchase this lunchbox at a special discounted price. All opinions expressed in this post are my own and may differ from others.

Omnisax Reusable Bags, A Fashionable Way to Help Save Mother Earth

One of the changes that we embraced when my family and I got here is to use reusable shopping bags. Obviously, we were not exposed to BYOBs before (that is Bring Your Own Bag) back in our homeland. But here, it was a different way, and I like it so much because my family and I can help eliminate the use of those plastic bags that takes hundreds of years to degrade. So I collected ordinary-looking reusable bags… which honestly, I just tuck under my arms so as it’s not obvious that I am going to the grocery store, (talk about not so fashionable here)lol! I guess you can sense that I still want to look fashionable even when just buying stuff at the grocery store. 😉

So when I was given a sample of Omnisax Reusable Shopping bag, I was so ecstatic and delighted! I have seen a lot of shoppers at the store where I work part time who use reusable shopping bags and Omnisax is no exception. So when I got one, I was so excited to shop and use it.

Omnisax reusable shopping bags

So what’s with Omnisax reusable shopping bags? And why I am so happy to have one? One thing for sure is that with Omnisax, I can help save Mother Earth by eliminating the use of plastic bags when shopping, and fashionable at that! Omnisax reusable shopping bags are lightweight polyester, waterproof and portable bags. The groovy bag weighs just 1.4 oz! I can roll it up into just 1.5 inches and pop it inside by purse! When it is unrolled, its dimension is surprisingly large, 19.5 inches x 16.5 inches and the reinforced seams can hold up to 44 pounds of grocery and or other stuff! That’s equivalent to at least two supermarket shopping bags! How cool is that!

Omnisax reusable shopping bags

This Omnisax bag is from their Spring 2013 collection.

I love this bag so much because it is large and trendy. Its bold prints are so cool and light to the eyes. I carry with me a small crossbody bag and because this Omnisax bag can be rolled up, it fits perfectly in my small bag too. So when I shop or can’t resist to shop at the mall, I have a handy bag with me anytime.

I was at the mall the other day and bought some goods for my little boys and guess what, they all sit perfectly inside the bag. Honestly, I am proud that I am carrying a fashionable yet very eco-friendly bag. There is a different feeling to it, knowing that in a way, I am an ambassador in saving Mother Earth. There’s no greater feeling than being able to help and preserve the only planet we have for my children and their children’s children, right?

Omnisax reusable shopping bag

My Omnisax bag at work!

Omnisax reusable shopping bag

After work shopping! I always buy something after my work shift, so the Omnisax reusable shopping bag comes in very very handy for me!

This is not only a shopping bag, and as trendy as it looks, I can even use it for my daily walks and appointments. I also use this whenever I go out with my boys to the park or to the school yard, I place in a bottle of cold water or a liter of juice, some packs of crackers, a big ziplock bag with a diaper and baby wipes in it, even sandwiches and other stuff (extra shirts) that a mom (with active little boys at that) like me usually brings.

This bag just serves its purpose. I honestly use it often than the branded purses that I bought online… 😉 That’s how much I like this bag! It’s not just my shopping bag!

I am happy that, the makers of this gorgeous and amazingly functional bags, are here to help protect the environment. It’s their vision, their philosophy, to create a better future for our planet and tomorrow’s generation, and those are my children (and yours too)! They spread this message through the vibrant colors and script of the Omnisax bags. It’s a simple solution, and that makes me proud and hold my head up high when I carry this message… through my Omnisax bag.

I hope we all do… so if you want to make that simple change, an evolution of a culture (according to the Omnisax website), head over to the Omnisax webpage and get yourself a head start… like right now! Just think of our children and our grandchildren when you buy their bags. When I got one, I did… and that makes me a happy mom!