Higher Order Thinking

Critical thinking is a tough thing to learn. This is partially because schools teach kids to memorize rote facts instead of trying to understand how those facts come together to create the world in which we live. While it is one thing to know who started a war or which country won the war, it is equally important to understand why the war started. When you start to think about things on a higher plane, you can make connections that others may not have seen or couldn’t grasp the importance of. By making those higher order connections, you gain insights that can help you in your life or career. Others will eventually start to come to you for advice about all sorts of things. At work, you will be the leader that everyone turns to when a good idea is necessary to grow the company. Using higher order thinking techniques will help you gain a greater appreciation for the world around you. You will feel an inner peace because you know how to make changes in your life if there are things that you are not happy about. Ultimately, you have the power to control and change the world around you. That is a powerful thing.

Spring Concert

Last week, we got a letter from Kuya Bogs’ school informing us of the upcoming Spring concert and open house. It will be on the 6th of June, just two days from now and Kuya Bogs is so excited. It will be his first time to perform in school (here) and in front of a crowd, although he will be singing along with his classmates, but he is still very excited about it.

He has already asked me to watch him and I am just so happy because it’s by 6 in the evening and I don’t have work and his dad starts work later at 11 pm. So we are all going to watch the show. I am also excited for my school boy and have already thought of what he’s going to wear, lol! Anyway, there will be a pizza party before the concert and then the children can play afterwards till 7 pm. The concert I guess won’t take that long so it will be fun-filled.

I hope to see my Kuya Bogs sing well on Thursday and I hope Job won’t be fussy. 😉

Petite Lemon Alphabet Poster Review and Giveaway

I have always been a believer that teaching children the basics of learning, like the ABC’s, 1-2-3, colors, shapes, animals, sounds and others starts at home and is most beneficial for them when commenced at home. This is what I have done to my six-year old boy and now, I am entering that stage again of teaching my 23-month old boy.

I have bought several first-word books, books about colors, shapes and have introduced him to the alphabets, thanks to Petite Lemon Alphabet Poster, teaching and letting him familiarize, get-to-know the alphabets has become more fun.

The Petite Lemon Alphabet Poster came in the mailbox about a week ago and I was very impressed with the packaging, it was designed uniquely. When I opened it up, the alphabets were printed on a premium heavyweight card stock, which I am thankful for, because it won’t easily get creased or bent when my little boys handle it. The card comes at a retail value of $25 so it’s really worth it.

petite lemon alphabet poster

The alphabet poster is not your ordinary alphabet poster. The letters come with fun and colorful animals. That alone hits two birds, meaning, I get to teach my boy the letters and then I also get to teach him an animal that starts with the letter. Isn’t that cool?

petite lemon alphabet poster

It’s not only an alphabet poster that I can hang on our bedroom wall, with it, I can teach the sounds of the letters, the animals that starts with the letters and their sounds as well, and with a creative imagination, I can even make up stories with it. That would surely be a fun way to teach my little boy.

petite lemon alphabet poster

When teaching time is done, I can place it back on the console table or hang it (again) on our bedroom wall as the poster perfectly fits in an 8″ x 10″ frame.

petite lemon alphabet poster

Petite Lemon Alphabet Poster does not only function as a poster, it can create lasting and memorable bonds with my little boy, and the prints that he sees in the poster will definitely become a part of his growing years, his learning and his education. It will not only be a room decor, a child’s keepsake for me, it will be a vital part of his growth. So I am very thankful to Petite Lemon for giving me this opportunity. It’s more than just a product review, it’s Petite Lemon helping me mold my little one, for that, I will be forever grateful.

petite lemon

Petite Lemon is a company of moms and dads who loves to design personalized and colorful goods. They offer exclusive, modern collection of baby keepsakes, décor, personalized growth charts, alphabet posters, and a big sister, big brother tshirt collection. All their personalized goods and stuff are created by skilled Petite Lemon designers and printed with premium papers, super soft cotton tees, rich ec0-friendly inks and vibrant colors.

If you are like me, who wants to start education early at home and create bonds with your little ones through fun learning, visit the Petite Lemon website and get an alphabet poster for yourself (or their growth charts which are so nice and beautiful too), it’s personalized and the good news is, Petite Lemon’s offering a 15% OFF to all my readers! Just use the promo code BLOGGERLOVE15 at their website.

BUT WAIT! Petite Lemon is so generous that they are giving away an exclusively packaged, fun yet beautiful alphabet poster to one lucky reader. Just simply complete the Rafflecopter form below and I will be sending the lucky mom or dad out there ONE ALPHABET POSTER courtesy of Petite Lemon.

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*Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes only. The opinions are my own, based on personal experience with the product.