Bicycles for Us

We finally have our own bicycles! Yippeeee! We have already gone biking during the holiday and it was fun! I look forward to more biking with the boys and even with Tita Bambi and Kevin. It’s so nice that we can bring Job with us because he has a seat that is attached to my bike. Hubby and I assembled it together and it was so easy to attach it and there were tools, screws even spring pins were included in the box when hubby bought it.

I love the way it looks in my bike especially with Job in it. I can’t help it, but I find him so adorable and looking so cute sitting in the seat with a helmet and strapped for safety. When I rode it, it was not heavy at all. I am so happy that we can finally go biking together as a family. We still have to teach Kuya Bogs though to ride his bike without the training wheels anymore. I hope he will learn fast too so that we can go see more places here in town.

Our next project… a family car! Soon Lord… You will give it to us! 🙂

The Perfect Toolbox

The toolbox is an indispensable piece of equipment, regardless of what hobbies or work you are doing. However, your toolbox will only give you years of reliable service if you choose the right model. Consider your specific needs before you go shopping for a container to house your tools. Look for spacious models made from high impact plastic or steel. Boxes built from thinner plastics will crack in just a few months of daily use. Pick a model that is larger than your current collection of tools. This ensures you can continue adding to your workshop without running out of space to store your new items. Durable hinges are also important. Many larger toolboxes feature friction or sliding arms that hold the lid open as you search for the tool you need. This is a very helpful addition, especially if you plan to store quite a few items in the box. Look for strong, sturdy hinges to keep the lid from coming loose while you are digging around for a specific screwdriver. The addition of internal organizers help you save quite a bit of money if you plan to keep dozens of small items in the box. Arrange your drill bits or woodworking chisels so that you can quickly find them without a lot of searching. If you invest in the right Waterloo toolboxes at, you will receive the shelves and organizers you need to keep things separated. Use dividers and rotating racks to prevent files from mixing in with spare screws and scraps of wood.

Baby Changing Stations

I am just glad that the malls now in the country have placed baby changing stations in designated areas. Some are inside the female restrooms while some are located specifically for nappy change and other baby-related activities like breastfeeding.

Back in the days, well, when I was still single, I often see moms placing their little babies on top of tables and change nappies or cleaning the baby’s bottoms or changing their clothes. It is such a poor sight then, but thanks to  the minds that created baby changing tables and stations, moms and babies alike now have the full freedom to unclothed the little ones privately, without others having to raise their eyebrows.

I am glad that baby changing station are now available online and even parents like me can buy one for the house. I have seen sturdy and well-built changing tables from I am sure that the changing stations they have can carry far more than the weight it can ever hold and are designed for complete cleaning, they are also hygienic and protects the baby from any harmful bacteria. At, they have a lot of changing tables and stations, even high chairs, booster chairs and child protection seats. They are the perfect online store for all these essentials.

baby changing station

Baby changing stations such as the photo above is truly an ingenious and brilliant creation. It keeps the baby happy and healthy and the mommy secure and worry-free.

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