Who Can Relate?

This photo has been circulating in Facebook and I’ve seen this several times already and boy, I can so relate to it.

This really speaks true of my family! Although sometimes hubby does the bathing of the two little boys, but most of the times, we are like that. That part where a little boys runs away from the mummy undressed, that is so true of my toddler. While I am dressing up his big brother after taking a bath, the little one just goes out of the bedroom just like in the photo! I do find this photo funny and at the same time very real.

I have shared this in my Facebook wall and most of the mommies that I know can really relate to it. There are times that we would end up not going out any more because the eldest ends up crying for not following instructions or because hubby gets tired of waiting and all. I know it’s very different from where we’ve come from, where there is an extra hand to help us take care of the little boys, but here, everything is done by me and hubby. Being here has tested our patience a lot!

So, can you relate to the photo above? Whoever drew or made this probably just wants to express what he/she is feeling! This is just spot on!

Birthday Dinner

Today, we celebrate Bogs’ 7th birthday and we had our dinner together with Tita Bambi and Kevin. My son wanted a simple dinner and guess what he wanted to have? Well, his favourites, spaghetti, fried chicken and cake! So since it was very easy to make, I made him his favourites and boy was he so happy and could not wait to blow the candles on his cake.

So by 8 pm we all went down and had dinner together. It was nice to eat simple meals with the family and to celebrate Bogs’ birthday without ever having to go broke. In the past, we had always prepared something for Kuya Bogs’ birthday. We would cook some food for a small party in his nursery school, and then have another celebration at home. So that meant a few hundred dollars to spend. We do not mind actually since Bogs is happy, but now that we have to be practical and save, a birthday party is no longer necessary, though I would love to give him one… maybe in the next few years… when we have enough to spend.

So anyway, we all shared the food in the table, ate the cake and had some conversations and since it was a school day the following day, we went back to our suite very full and happy with our birthday dinner. Here’s a snap of Kuya Bogs blowing the candles on the cake!

Happy 7th Birthday Kuya Bogs! Daddy, Mommy and Job love you very much!

Sick Boys

It’s not the best time of the year to get sick… and all of my three boys, that includes hubby, are sick.:(

First it was the little one two weeks ago before the first big storm this season, so after that, he wasn’t able to enjoy the snow and make snowman in the school grounds. He was sniffling and had a little coughing but thankfully his cough did not last long and was not very severe. Earlier this week, hubby was down again, not with fever, but with high blood pressure. His BP went up and he had to go to the hospital to be checked. The tests done on him all came back negative and so all my worries were erased (for the meantime). Then mid-week, the school boy started coughing and by the time he got home from after-school, he was coughing badly.

Now the school boy just looks so tired and barks (cough) like every minute! My poor baby! I am just thankful that it’s already their winter break and classes won’t start till January 6 next year, the school boy has enough time to rest and so does hubby. Hubby though is just a little worried because his company will have a two-week shut down for the holidays, so that means no pay for him except for the holidays.

I just hope that my boys will be fine before Christmas and New Year so that we can have fun this Christmas and the holidays. Get well soon my boys!