Barbecue Postponed

My classmate in college who now lives here in the same city where we are have planned weeks ago of having a barbecue slash get-together at the Coronation Park. It is one park where kids and families can have picnics and there’s a splash pad there where kids can have fun playing with water. But because the weather has definitely gone cooler this week, we have decided to postpone our barbecue.

It is supposed to be this Sunday when I am on day off, but because the highest temperature is just 22 degrees, it would not be a very good idea because the water will be cold at the splash pad and it’s going to be a little chilly as the park is just beside Lake Ontario. So my classmate suggested that we just go to Niagara or to Marineland, but because we don’t have a car, it would be difficult for us. So I guess, barbecue will have to be done in the next or remaining weeks of Summer. Hopefully, we can visit the Coronation Park and let the kids enjoy the splash pad there.

A Treat for a Friend

My classmate in high school now lives in Montreal and works as a baby sitter/nanny for a family. She stays with the family during weekdays and goes home to her boyfriend on the weekend. The other week, we chanced upon talking over at Facebook and I asked her about her work. She said that it is really tiring and that all the work she does just takes up all her energy during the day and by night time, she wishes for a treat, like a massage.

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Ambrosia’s health team is made up certified massage therapists, therapists, nutrition consultants, naturopaths, yoga and meditation teachers, osteopaths, aroma therapists, and personalized trainers. If my friend would just avail one of these amazing services from Ambrosia, I am sure she’d feel very well and ready to face all the challenges in her daily activities. This massage montréal par Ambrosia Santé will definitely make a difference in her life.

Get-Together with New Friends

Hubby’s new friends are all Filipinos since many of this co-workers are Filipinos. Today we were invited to a get-together with his new friends. But before heading to his friend’s apartment, we went to do some shopping for our supplies first. After doing so, we headed to the venue.

It was at his friend’s apartment that I got to meet more Filipinos and his new friends too from his work. I got to meet the wife of the apartment owner and sang OPM (Original Pilipino Music) songs. It was just like home, like attending a fiesta celebration in one of the towns back home. There was videoke, beer (for the beer drinkers), “pulutan” (food that goes with beer), and a lot of talks! Even though we stayed there for not so long, hubby and I enjoyed their company. His friends were very accommodating and the women prepared some Filipino food too.

I am somehow happy that hubby has gained new friends here, it means that there will be more destinations and places to visit back home (when we go for a vacation), lol! I am glad that somehow boredom will go away. The only complain that hubby has, he speaks more Filipino than English, hehehe! 🙂