Ozeri Precision Digital Bathroom Scale Review

I am very thrilled to receive the Ozeri Precision Digital Bathroom scale for review. I have read very good reviews about this bathroom scale and it just came in time for my husband and mine’s health challenge.

The Ozeri Precision Digital Bathroom scale arrived in good condition, the packaging was neat and it was made sure to protect the bathroom scale made of tempered glass which is also impact-resistant. It is quite heavy which is good for me because my little boy can’t carry it and play with it. I love the Ozeri scale’s design, so contemporary and thin, the platform’s size is 11.8″ x 11.8″.

ozeri precision digital bathroom scale

Modern, contemporary design that I love.

Ozeri Precision digital bathroom scale

Tempered glass and thin but powerful enough.

The Ozeri Precision Digital Bathroom scale has a maximum capacity of 400 lbs and has weight units in pounds (lbs), kilograms (kg) and British stones (st).The unit is set to calculate weight in pounds and to change the weight unit, the Ozeri scale has a Unit button switch underneath the scale.

ozeri precision digital bathroom scale

The Ozeri bathroom scale also comes with a CR2032 Lithium battery. I like that I am able to use it immediately upon opening the package. I also love that the scale has an Auto On/Off feature which means it powers on when I step on it and powers off after 10 seconds of inactivity. This helps to conserve the battery. I also love that it has a big LCD screen and the numbers are accurate as the Ozeri scale rounds to the nearest 100 grams.

ozeri precision digital bathroom scale

Numbers are easy to read with the widescreen LCD.

So far, hubby and I have been using the scale everyday to check on our weight challenge. I am a bit frustrated as my weight has remained slightly the same after one week, that was after our first “weigh in” using the Ozeri scale, while his weight has decreased, he has lost a few pounds already.

Overall, I love the Ozeri Precision Digital Bathroom Scale, the weight is accurate and precise, unlike the conventional or traditional bathroom scale, the contemporary design suits my taste, and I highly recommend this scale. To know more about Ozeri products and the digital bathroom scale, you can hop on to Amazon.ca and even order one for yourself or as a Christmas gift to someone.

*Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the product mentioned above for review purposes only. The opinions are my own, based on personal experience with the product.

Better TV Viewing Experience

With the advent of technology, our world has become digital, well, not literally though, but everyone, almost everyone, even kids, have their own tablets, cellphones, gadgets and stuff that occupy most of their time if they are not in school. Businesses have thrive with the Internet and thousands of companies have engaged in social media, and many industries have adapted to many technological advancements as well.

Even in our home, we are surrounded with technology, when we listen to the radio, when we prepare food for our families and most of all, when we want to entertain ourselves by watching TV. Even this simple activity has become so advanced that many telecommunications and broadcasts companies have merged with digital tv providers to bring out the best TV viewing experience right at the comforts of our very own home. When in the past, we relied on the analog system, but nowadays, because of technology, keeping ourselves entertained and following our favorite TV shows are just at the touch of a button, tap on the TV screen or even with just a click. Digital TV providers offer subscription rates that allows us to choose which channels we want to see, or they offer packages or bundles that includes a home phone and internet or broadband services. Depending on the budget, we can always choose those that we really need. These providers have actually become a savior of some sort to many families when it comes to budgeting as these packages and bundles that they offer has definitely helped families save on bills as they put them all together, your home phone, internet and TV.

With all these advancements, family time (TV time) has become a better experience. But wait, don’t just be tempted to sign up immediately for an offer. Do research and compare package prices or subscription rates, learn about the reputation of the providers and see to it that they are able to provide support, technical and services that are affordable. It is always best to know more and be equipped with information before hitting the subscribe button, of course, keeping in mind not to break the bank and best of all, getting a better TV viewing experience.

Samsung Chromebook Review – An Update

After posting my Samsung Chromebook review, I have finally decided to write an update. I came across one tech blog that also made a review about the Samsung Chromebook and for the author of that blog, it was 7 minutes of heaven (or so) and then seven days of hell. Well, there are pros and cons of the Chromebook, and yes, we had the same frustration, there is no SKYPE, and that’s a real bummer. So anyway, here’s an update on my review (a combination of the what I like and don’t like):

  1. The laptop “burns” my leg. Well, it is somehow very warm when it is placed on my lap (I wear shorts so I feel it the most).
  2. There is no DEL button or key, just the backspace.
  3. It is addicting, especially the apps and the touchpad! Okay, I received a comment saying that she or he was somehow confused when I said tapping twice is equal to left and right click… honestly, I had no words to describe it. Yes, the touchpad is amazing. You can click with one finger. Press with two fingers to right click and use two fingers to scroll up and down! I’ve tried it with my ASUS laptop and it also works the same. Awesome!
  4. Because the monitor is only 11.6, everything is fit to the page. So everything is really small.
  5. Charging the battery does not take very long.
  6. My son loves to watch videos of the Titanic in YouTube and he uses it all the time, and he just loves the Chromebook because it is very light.
  7. I can’t upload the photos from the memory card to the laptop.

These are just my observations after using it for a week now, overall, the Chromebook is a good laptop. The Chrome OS functions differently from the Windows or Mac, and they have their own features. I like it, I did not have seven days of hell with it, it’s fun to use (because I am not a techie expert and I don’t deal with the hardware and stuff like that) and it has served its purpose.

I may be posting more updates (and observation) in the coming days so stay tune for that.