At the Park

I love it when I am off from work early. For the whole month of May, I have been fortunate enough to go home two hours after lunch and spend time with my boys. It’s been really great to spend more time with them on the weekend (Saturday) and even though I am on full duty on Sundays, I am already happy with the time I get to spend with them on Saturdays.

Today was no exception, I was off at 1:45 pm and after shopping for some stuff, I went home straight and let hubby sleep for a couple of hours and then we went to the park nearby. It was actually unplanned as we wanted to go somewhere but Kuya Bogs wanted to play so we just stayed there and let the boys play. I went to a pizza parlor in one of the buildings and bought a pizza and ate there. Since Kuya Bogs met some new friends, we gave them a slice of pizza each too. The little boys did not even want to go home as they were having fun.

Simple activities like that make my day. As long as the little boys are happy and having a great time (and as long as hubby is “fed”), I am completely satisfied and happy as well. I could not trade money for such precious times to bond with them, so even if I do want to earn a little more, my love for my family still tells me to just stay put… and wait. 🙂

Kidz Gear Headphone Review

My two little boys squabble over who gets to play my iPad or their daddy’s iPhone and sometimes their gadgets. And their bickering (a 6-years old and 22 months old) just makes the house so noisy. The little boy shrieks and screams, while the big brother tries to hold on to the iPad and is shouting, No, No, No! You can imagine how loud and noisy my little boys are.

So for me (and their dad), silence is bliss! I get to do the things (chores) when the little one’s asleep and his big brother is in school, but when they’re together, it’s just a little “chaotic.” I also want them to share when they watch educational videos in YouTube or play Where’s My Water in the iPad, but how?

Then came to the rescue… Kidz Gear KidzControl Volume Limit Color Headphone for Kids. I recently received two amazing headphones (blue and green) and they sure did help me when it comes to playing and sharing. The package included accessories such as the 3.5mm stereo headphone splitter cable and and two headphone carry bags.

kidz gear headphone

My little boys were so excited to use their own headphones that when I opened the package, they just grabbed each and asked me to place it on them. I got the iPad and the iPhone for them to try and it just worked great. What’s so good about this product is that they are specifically designed to work with the iPad, iPhone and iPod. The headphones are just sized appropriately for children and importantly, I can adjust the volume and don’t have to worry at all that my kids ears would get harmed from hearing loud noises.

kidz gear headphones

Here are my two little boys using their Kidz Gear headphones.

Now there won’t be lots of noises in the house as their daddy needs to sleep from his night shift work. 🙂 My eldest son tried the headphone with his Innotab2 and guess what, it also worked.

kidz gear headphone

Aside from these gadgets, my little boy sometimes wants to use my netbook to watch Toopy and Binoo. So days after first trying the headphones, I decided to try it this time with my netbook and guess what, it worked too!

kidz gear headphone

Now when it comes to sharing, the splitter cable came in very handy. My eldest plugged it in his Innotab2 and placed the jacks on each and viola!!!

Kidz Gear headphones

Isn’t that cool? One gadget, one splitter cable and two Kidz Gear headphones! Sharing is fun!

For almost two weeks now, the headphones have been dropped on the floor, had its shares of bumps and banging by my boys, but I haven’t found any permanent damage. The volume and the ear cups are still fine. The headphones are made of hard plastic and it is light.

Silence is indeed bliss with Kidz Gear headphones. These are also perfect while traveling or on a road trip as it will keep the kids occupied. But of course, there will always be a limit to using gadgets as it is still important for me to let my little boys play outdoor games.

Overall, I am very much impressed with the headphones. My little boys always use them (ever since we got them), especially my eldest when he listens to his favorite classical music as well. I love their colors and I can keep them safe in their carry bags when not in use. I highly recommend this product.

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Educational Toys for the Boys

When I became a mom, I have selflessly purchased toys for the little boys. But I just don’t buy any kind of toy. I make sure that each toy they get to play with enhances their skills, develops creativity and lets them learn. In short, I buy those educational toys. Aside from choosing toys that are beneficial to the growth and development of my little boys, I go for those that are made of quality materials, not using harmful chemicals and are safe for them to use. I also make sure that the toys can withstand the rigors of childhood play.

All these criteria are found in expensive educational toys and yes, sometimes, even if I so want to buy them for the little boys, I just can’t afford some of them. But I believe that there are educational toys that meet all these criteria and yet are so affordable and that is when I found Educational Toys Planet. I have also heard about their toys from my friends and have highly recommended them to me. I am glad that I have discovered Educational Toys Planet and have actually seen in the website the same classic toy bead maze that I bought for my little one.

I know that play plays a very important role in the growth and development of children and thankfully, Educational Toys Planet just have what I need to bring an educational play time to my little boys.