5 Reasons Why Your Child Will Love a Loft Bed

Kids love loft beds; it is a fact of life. Whether your child is five or eighteen and in college, loft beds are in
fashion. However, what makes a loft bed so much more fun than a regular bed?

loft beds

1. Loft beds give the feeling of security. The child feels that his space is above the world,
giving him or her relief from the anxieties of night time or being alone. Perched up high, the child has a bird’s
eye view of the surroundings where no stray “monsters” can reach when sleep takes over.

2. Loft beds capture the imagination. Children’s minds are constantly learning through play.
With a loft bed, the child transforms the bed into whatever mode of the day the play may be going through.
Perhaps it is a pirate ship to be sailed away on, taking in many sea adventures along the route. On the other
hand, maybe today it is a tree house and the child has become the character from Jungle Book.
The loft may become a castle and the child a princess in the tower. Fairy tales become reality. Books and
stories become alive. Language is developed throughout the loft imaginative playtime.

3. Loft beds can organize a child’s space. Teaching children the importance of organization is
difficult. Sometimes this organizational trait is inherent in the child. Sometimes it needs some extra tweaking.
With so many different styles of beds from which to choose, a loft bed can help develop organizational skills. Some loft beds
have bookshelves below the bed with an area for a reading corner. Some come with a space for a desk for
homework and study. Others have chests to organize clothes and shelves for displaying special items. A space
for a wardrobe for hanging clothes can be built under the loft to expand needed closet space. A play area with
tables and chairs can be added for games and toy play.

4. Children love to climb. Kids thrive on gross motor activities. With a loft bed, this
necessitates using those skills. It takes large motor skills to climb into and out of the bed each day. Each trip
uses energy and builds muscle. Children get satisfaction from the climb, which, in turn, helps them sleep

5. Loft beds give children the feeling of independence. Children are usually being looked down
upon, in a literal sense. Usually shorter than their parents, they are constantly having to look up towards the
ceiling. With a loft bed, the tables are turned and they get a different perspective. This gives them a feeling of
independence and control that they have not experienced before. Their bedtime becomes a positive

Children and loft beds just seem to go together. Whether a loft bed is chosen for convenience of space, or
as a tool for imagination and learning, the loft bed can be a fun way to develop the mind and body of the

Higher Order Thinking

Critical thinking is a tough thing to learn. This is partially because schools teach kids to memorize rote facts instead of trying to understand how those facts come together to create the world in which we live. While it is one thing to know who started a war or which country won the war, it is equally important to understand why the war started. When you start to think about things on a higher plane, you can make connections that others may not have seen or couldn’t grasp the importance of. By making those higher order connections, you gain insights that can help you in your life or career. Others will eventually start to come to you for advice about all sorts of things. At work, you will be the leader that everyone turns to when a good idea is necessary to grow the company. Using higher order thinking techniques will help you gain a greater appreciation for the world around you. You will feel an inner peace because you know how to make changes in your life if there are things that you are not happy about. Ultimately, you have the power to control and change the world around you. That is a powerful thing.