Hubby’s Back to Work

I am still apprehensive and worried that my husband is going back to work tonight. I mean I am still not sure if he is ready to work again, even though he has already rested for two days and has slept in the past two nights, he still needs to take a few more days off. But unfortunately, he has to go to work or else, we might get evicted here in the apartment because we haven’t paid our monthly rent. It makes me worry about his condition but hubby says that he’s already fine.

He also bought a blood pressure monitor and today we had his BP check here at home. His BP is back to normal now and he has also been watching what he’s eating since our last visit to the hospital. He also went to his doctor to have his medicine changed. We suspect that the new prescribed medicine he was taking had a different effect on him, thus his recent trip to the hospital. It scares me thinking that in just a blink of an eye, things will change. I pray all the time, unceasingly, to lengthen our days and that we mat get to see our children’s children.

Hubby’s Lab Test Results Are In

Hubby had his lab test done and the results are in… oh, should I say, forwarded or faxed at the doctor’s clinic. I am anxious and so is he. I guess everyone or anyone would feel the same way.

I remember being so afraid of having a lab test. Part of migrating here was a medical exam and that includes performing lab tests and x-rays on me. I was scared to death that time when we were told that an HIV test will be done at the same time. So why was I so scared (when I am aware of how this dreaded disease gets transmitted? It was because I went through needles and injections when I gave birth and while being pregnant. Even though those needles and injections were pretty much sterilized, I have still the vaguest idea of how they were manufactured or packaged. That scared me the most. Hubby kept reassuring me and I only felt relieved when we were all negative. Whew!!!! 😉

That was last year back in our homeland, where hubby used to sweat a lot, did some jogging and walking. This year, none of these are ever present, oh just for walking. So I am anxious of the results, I hope and pray that there will be no highs or whatsoever, that everything will be normal. He has set another appointment to see the doctor to discuss the results. Am I going? No, because I am afraid to know… but I am praying and I believe that he’s one healthy man… and I am claiming that!

Conversations with Hubby

It’s only during mealtimes that hubby and I can really talk about our daily activities at work. It’s because by the time he gets home, in just two hours, I am already out of the house and head off to work. When I get home, he is still sleeping (as his day is night, and his night is day). This has been our… call it routine… every single day.

At the dining table, we update each other about our work, he would tell me of what transpired at his workplace, sometimes he would describe to me things that I have not known ever. There are times too that he would tell me about industrial ceramics which is probably part of his workplace. He would tell me how busy he was and just about everything. In return, I would talk about the customers at the store, I would tell him of what my other co-workers do, about what happened to me during my work shifts. It’s our everyday conversations that matters to me (and to him as well).

I make sure too that I ask him if he’s okay… like emotionally okay. Hubby is the secretive type and he hardly show any negative emotions. But I always ask him if he’s okay and I would get a Yes (even though I know deep inside that he’s not really that A-OK).

Anyway, as soon as he gets back from bringing Kuya Bogs to school, he’s off to dream land, while I go to work for a couple of hours. Then at dinner time, we talk again. That’s how our routine goes. Somehow, I miss those days when we could just talk a lot, as if time does not run anymore.