Day Time Job

Hubby and I have been praying fervently that he will get a day time job. It’s been more than a month now since he started working night shift and because his body clock has already adjusted to the time here, he now feels tired and sleepy at work especially when it’s already past midnight. When he gets home, he would just fall right into the bed, sleep and snore loudly.I really pity hubby and the fact that he’s not working in a medical-related field, that makes me more sad. 🙁

I feel for hubby and I really hope and pray that he will soon get a day time job and one that pays well, well just enough for us to start here. I know we are still adjusting to everything around us here, especially the weather and the climate, we’ve only been here for two months and we still have a long way to go! I know too that God will provide all our needs and that we will be able to reach our goals in the very near future.

Casual Wear

Hubby goes to work in casual clothes even though he’s the boss. He doesn’t bring any bag or those leather briefcases for men where he can place important documents, letters and other stuff. Even though he’s the boss, he’s not dressed for it, and the funny thing is, I don’t really mind it at all and so does he.

Yes, we both know that she should be appropriately dressed for his job, but because we live in the countryside and the patients that come to him are mostly indigent families, rugged and all, that gives us the excuse for not wearing one… hehehe… But yes, when situations call for him to wear the right clothes, he does it with all his heart.

This is the reason hubby wardrobe is so poor and limited. There are shirts, pants, a couple of long-sleeved polo and some polo shirts. He does not often buy clothes for him, and when I do buy for him, he doesn’t wear them. Anyway, I  hope that soon, when I buy him new clothes, he will wear them and use them.

Unusual Cases

Every day, hubby faces various medical conditions, infectious diseases and other medical-related problems. But there are days too that he gets to advise patients with unusual cases. Well, it’s not really unusual, it’s just somehow a taboo. Some men would approach my hubby privately and would ask for advice related to potency. Because he is no “expert” in these cases, he would ask me to search the Internet for such problems. But hubby knows too that there are various supplements like enlarge maxx that are available online that these men can buy. So sometimes, he would suggest to try them out too. But most of the time, he would tell them to have a check up as there may be underlying causes to such problems.

When hubby gets home from the hospital, he would tell me what transpired at work. We do find it unusual really because many people here still find it a taboo.