Stretching the Dollars

If you were to weigh up everything you want to buy with all the money you have, it would almost certainly end up in favour of the former. That is, unfortunately, the nature of the life we live in: we simply cannot afford everything. This is especially true as a parent, since you have to make the dollars stretch further, covering both you and your growing family. Clothes, school equipment, general shopping costs all add up, so it’s no surprise that mums know a secret or two. To help you in your quest to afford more with the same amount of money, here are a few key tips and tricks that may prove useful.

Embrace rewards

Reward schemes are highly useful. You might not see an instant appeal but that is simply a case of the wrong perspective. Take American Express for instance, as their cards can offer reward points, or even air miles, when you shop. Since you’re going to be shopping anyway, an additional benefit is hard to argue with. Eventually this can be used to make a saving and, as you surely know by now, every dollar saved makes a difference at the end. With 50% of Canadians planning to use their smartphones to shop online this holiday, making most of these rewards could be more than a little lucrative.

Shop around

This may seem obvious but few people really understand the nature of shopping around. Always look for better options in most stores, rather than just a few. The more places you look, the better chances you have. Stick to the same three of four departments and you’ll be stuck in the same price range forever. Don’t be afraid to take this search online either. Some people make the mistake of avoiding the internet, believing the sheer convenience must come at a cost, yet this is nothing more than a giant misconception. In fact, the larger market means more potential and, when you get lucky, better savings due to increased competition.

Plan ahead

Finally, perhaps one of the best tips you’ll receive, always plan ahead. When you know how much you have to spare, you can break this into weekly allowances to better control the flow of cash. Money saved in one week can be brought over, and so on. Likewise, you can use credit cards where needed to balance the account books, borrowing in advance of pay day. In this capacity they can prove useful in fudging those urgent costs and last minute expenses that unfortunately like to spring up at the worst possibility times.

Gold Selling

Gold sales are getting more and more commonly-marketed, and for better or for worse, they’re getting more and more controversial as time wears on. Gold buyers will offer cash for gold in short order, allowing individuals with old heirlooms or jewelry to exchange something that would otherwise take up space for a bit of money, which often goes to bills or sudden expenses like medical costs. However, this has provoked some controversy, as many cite that the gold is not purchased for its actual value. Some contest that this is unfair to the gold sellers, who could get greater returns on their precious metals if they were sold through other channels instead. Ultimately, gold buyers are popular due to their ease of use. Most know that gold can be sold on the market and are making an informed decision at the time. With a gold buyer, one gains the benefit of absolute convenience. There’s no need to haggle or pursue a dedicated market. The gold buyer will take care of that on their side of things, letting the seller get what they need on their own timetable. For more information, you can research a houston gold buyer at Gold selling is not without controversy, but it remains a very effective ways for individuals crunched for time to turn up with the money they need for the necessities in their life.

Wedding Planning Essentials

A dream wedding is every girl’s thing. It may sound a little unrealistic but like it or not there are still women who prefer to assume the tedious responsibility of planning their own wedding than allowing planners to the job for them- not because it is cost effective but because it is what they want to do. Women can be passionate in such a way that they want to put their heart into every detail of the things that they wanted to do and in the subject’s case – the wedding planning.

Anyone who is serious of planning their own wedding must know carrying through a successful dream wedding can be overwhelming. There are tons of decisions to make. It may take months to a year to gather ideas and most of those times will be spent in narrowing down reception venues, deciding on which theme to use that would suit you and your groom’s characters and of course finding the best centerpieces that would determine the mood of the entire celebration.

But on top of it all, looking at the whole picture before throwing yourself into the strenuous world of planning a wedding is a must so as to avoid lapses. The only way to do it is to come up with a spending plan. Know your budget and make sure every spending detail will fall into that budget. Stay organized.