Three Days Off

I am totally enjoying and loving my three days off! It was a holiday last Monday, and we had fun biking around downtown and it was very well spent. Hubby was already gone back to work while I am enjoying the remaining hours of the day today since tomorrow I will be going back to real life. I’ve spent so far the morning hours in cleaning the apartment, playing with Job and biking with hubby (and the little boy), that was to bring Kuya Bogs to summer camp.

Now, I am trying to update my blogs and visit some as well. I have so many to write, everything’s actually written in my head, but when it comes to “scribbling” them online, they all seem to disappear or have been erased. Anyway, for this week, I’ve only got 16 hours of week, that means I won’t be getting the usual amount of pay that I receive every two weeks. That also means that I will be a little short my budget for the next two weeks. Oh well, life and happiness is not all money, I can never trade the precious times I’ve spent with my family in the last three days. Even though sometimes my little boys drive me nuts (oh not sometimes, all the time), they still bring me joy and complete me.

So for now, even when at times I feel so sad and desperate to providing them the best of what this country has, I will content myself with what we have. I will praise and thank God for everything that He has done for us. 🙂

Day Time Job

Hubby and I have been praying fervently that he will get a day time job. It’s been more than a month now since he started working night shift and because his body clock has already adjusted to the time here, he now feels tired and sleepy at work especially when it’s already past midnight. When he gets home, he would just fall right into the bed, sleep and snore loudly.I really pity hubby and the fact that he’s not working in a medical-related field, that makes me more sad. 🙁

I feel for hubby and I really hope and pray that he will soon get a day time job and one that pays well, well just enough for us to start here. I know we are still adjusting to everything around us here, especially the weather and the climate, we’ve only been here for two months and we still have a long way to go! I know too that God will provide all our needs and that we will be able to reach our goals in the very near future.

Busy Looking for Jobs

Hubby and I are busy looking for jobs here in the new place. Despite our lack of sleep, we are busy searching online for jobs that we can apply for. Oftentimes, we would find ourselves falling asleep in front of the laptop. Thanks to Baby Job who has not been very cooperative since Day 1 here in Canada. He wakes up at 2am in the morning and gets back to sleep at around 5am, who has cried a lot these days, who has stuck to his dad and not on me, who has made us stay home these days instead of heading out to explore the city for jobs and vacant apartments so that we can move out.

We do need to find a job the soonest possible time or else, we’ll end up freezing when winter comes. We have already felt shy here in hubby’s aunt place for staying this long already and I just hope that she and her husband and her are still okay with us staying here and squeezing ourselves in their living room and Kuya Bogs ransacking their fridge. 🙂

I am fervently praying and hoping that we will soon get a job, even for just part-time. I know the Lord will see us through, I know He will not leave us nor forsake us and I am claiming all these promises. 🙂