Birthday Dinner

Today, we celebrate Bogs’ 7th birthday and we had our dinner together with Tita Bambi and Kevin. My son wanted a simple dinner and guess what he wanted to have? Well, his favourites, spaghetti, fried chicken and cake! So since it was very easy to make, I made him his favourites and boy was he so happy and could not wait to blow the candles on his cake.

So by 8 pm we all went down and had dinner together. It was nice to eat simple meals with the family and to celebrate Bogs’ birthday without ever having to go broke. In the past, we had always prepared something for Kuya Bogs’ birthday. We would cook some food for a small party in his nursery school, and then have another celebration at home. So that meant a few hundred dollars to spend. We do not mind actually since Bogs is happy, but now that we have to be practical and save, a birthday party is no longer necessary, though I would love to give him one… maybe in the next few years… when we have enough to spend.

So anyway, we all shared the food in the table, ate the cake and had some conversations and since it was a school day the following day, we went back to our suite very full and happy with our birthday dinner. Here’s a snap of Kuya Bogs blowing the candles on the cake!

Happy 7th Birthday Kuya Bogs! Daddy, Mommy and Job love you very much!

Healthy Steps (Jokari US, Inc) Unique Kitchen Helpers Review

Staying healthy and eating right is what hubby and I always try to achieve, but with the temptations of bags of chips, fast food and ready-to-cook meals, sometimes achieving that goal is a little bit of a challenge. So lately, we took that challenge, ditching the bag of chips and soda most especially in our grocery list. We don’t usually go out to dine at restaurants as I always prepare and cook dishes for us all, so that in a way is already a good sign. Aside from that, hubby and I are also in a challenge to start losing weight and to eat right portions. Thankfully, we have Healthy Steps kitchen gadgets to help us eat right, stay healthy and achieve our goals.

I received not just one, but four amazing and unique kitchen gadgets fromHealthy Steps, a division of Jokari US, Inc. Jokari has been creating and unique and inventive housewares to meet our needs. One of these unique and amazingly helpful housewares is Healthy Steps. Jokari sent me these four inventive kitchen gadgets and from day 1, I have never been happier and prepping things have become easier and healthier!

healthy steps review

My Healthy Steps kitchen helpers! From left to right: Salad Dressing Lid, Portion Control Serving Set, Water Infuser and Total Tea Infuser.

For this review, I will be doing the first two products, the Portion Control Serving Set and the Dressing Lid. Since hubby and I are on a health challenge, the Portion Control Serving Set just came in time! What I love about this serving set is that, obviously, it controls the amount of food in our plate. To help us lose weight, eating in right portions and not going for the seconds was quite a tough challenge but we are slowly doing it.

healthy steps review

This is one serving of starch. We are rice eaters and we use the white rice. I’ve read that brown or red are perfect for dieters, but for a start of our challenge, we made use of what we have in our pantry.

The starch serving is just right actually for me, but for hubby it was really a challenge for him since he’s quite over his weight limit and that he eats voraciously (sorry hubby!). I love that this server is just the perfect size.

healthy steps

This is one serving of protein. We had baked fish for this and the size of the fish was just perfect for the server.

healthy steps review

Half serving of vegetables. We had sauteed vegetable for this and for me, one half serving of vegetable was enough for me.

healthy steps review

A plateful of healthy servings!

What I love about the Healthy Steps Portion Control Serving set is that it is a complete system and it helps promote healthy eating habits. I know I always go for the seconds but with this serving set, I am able to control, that makes me watch over my calorie count, my food intake, thus helping me (and hubby) lose weight. I also love that it’s very use to use and clean. The packaging also included healthy hints and some recipes. Here are some of the healthy tips:

• Once you have your portion, do not go back for seconds
• Eating a variety of vegetables can help reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and help protect against cancers
• Use smaller dishes when eating meals at home
• Sensible portions help maintain a healthy weight

I really love this serving set, hubby and I are really up for a challenge with portioning our meals! It was hard for the first few meals, but we are hoping to get there.

Now on to the Healthy Steps Dressing Lid.

What I usually notice when I make and eat salad at home is the pool of uneaten dressing and for me, it is just a waste. The tendency too is to add more dressing to the salad. But with the Healthy Steps Dressing Lid, I can measure and dispense one serving of dressing! This dressing lid is for plastic bottles only because you have to squeeze the plastic bottle of dressing to fill one serving size chamber.

healthy steps review

The salad dressing bottle plus the dressing lid just sits perfectly on a shelf in our fridge.

One gentle squeeze at the bottom of the salad bottle will fill the chamber, just open the lid and pour the dressing, and that’s it! I have a healthy portion and serving of salad, no more pools of uneaten dressing, no more waste, and 1 serving is equivalent to 2 tbsp of salad dressing.

healthy steps review

There’s my salad. I love to have hard boiled eggs in my salad, hubby and I shared this salad though.

I love the Dressing Lid because it is also very easy to use and to clean I just detach the straw. The packaging also includes healthy hints and salad mix-ins like adding healthy toppers for nutritional kick such as sunflower seeds, dried cranberries or mandarin oranges.

I still have two other kitchen helpers fro Healthy Steps (Jokari US, Inc.) to review. I wanted to do a two-part so that it won’t be a lengthy review, so please do watch out for that.

Thank you very much Jokari US Inc for this wonderful opportunity! You really helped us in our health’s challenge! If you want to know more about these amazing products, visit Jokari US, Inc, follow them on Facebook and onTwitter. These can be perfect Christmas gifts as well!

*Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the product mentioned above for review purposes only. The opinions are my own, based on personal experience with the product.

More Hours, Less Time

I’ve been given a few more hours at work and now that puts me in a dilemma. I am not complaining though, the extra hours at work means a few more cents in the bank account, BUT it has taken a few more hours away from my family, and for me who has a toddler who needs my attention, love, care and nurture, that is not so good.

I am torn every time I step out of our apartment, every time I kiss goodbye to my little boy and head off to work (especially when it’s a long shift). My heart says don’t go, but I have to, or else, we won’t have anything to eat. Hubby’s income is not enough, so I should work to augment our expenses. Okay, I admit, it makes me a little bit happy to see a few more hours in my schedule at work, but it makes me sad at the same time because I can’t spend that much time with my family anymore. Call me whatever, but for me, spending time with my boys are far more important than spending a little more time at work, even though I earn from that and it bring food to our table and I am able to help other people as well.

I know, it’s so hard, it just tears my heart apart. I like the fact that I earn a little more, but I loathe the time away from my family! It’s such an irony. But then I guess, I will have to live like this for a couple of years, until the little one is ready for school. Until then, I can finally say that I would love to work more hours to be able to help provide for my growing boys, but for now, my little boy needs me, and I feel guilty that sometimes I spend too much time facing my laptop (when I am at home) than teaching him what he has to learn.

It is such a dilemma.