Of Wedding Dresses and Wedding Plans

It’s been nine years since I tied the knot with my ex-boyfriend-turned-husband. We had a simple and private wedding with only close friends and family invited. Our budget was just enough and I had to do all the wedding planning myself. But we went overboard our budget when the wedding gown I chose was not the one I wanted it to be. I spent about a hundred dollars for the wedding gown but it turned out to be not-so-nice and it wasn’t the one I wanted. So I had to order a new wedding gown. It was a waste of money and time.

But had I learned about DressFirst, I would have bought my wedding gown from the website. Their wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, even homecoming dresses are just so elegant and pretty and they are made-to-order and if I select the custom size at the website, the dress would be tailored to exactly fit me. I remember bringing my then fiance to the hospital because he was so stressed out due to my wedding gown that was really not wearable. So anyway, had I known DressFirst then, I would really have saved time and money.

As I browse through DressFirst website, it made me think of having my wedding ceremony done all over again. I know I may sound crazy but if I look back, I would have done things differently. I would have a grand wedding and go on a honeymoon and DressFirst would have helped me with our wedding dresses even with my entourage. I would have saved a lot since DressFirst offers free shipping on wedding dress and even on prom dresses. They have a very wide collection of beautiful and elegant wedding dresses, cheap bridesmaid dresses, evening dresses, wedding accessories, even shoes, handbags, veils, and so much more. And if I would ever have a wedding ceremony again (of course with my husband, let’s say renewal of vows), I would really love to wear this wedding gown:

DressFirst wedding dresses

This is a ball-gown strapless chapel train organza charmeuse wedding dress with lace beadwork pegged at $276.99. Its regular price is $380 and it’s a really nice dress plus shipping is free for that. I can also get my wedding favours at DressFirst, it’s like an all-in-one stop shop for all my wedding needs and special occasions! It’s just an amazing website.

Until then, I would only have to dream or maybe plan for our wedding anniversary, we are hoping we will reach golden, and get to see our boys grow up and have families of their own. For now, I’ll satisfy myself with the beautiful collections and reminisce that wonderful day when I wedded my best friend, my sweetheart, my text mate, the love of my life, my ex-boyfriend, now my husband.

No Wedding Rings

Hubby and I have are married now for nine years and believe it or not, we have only worn our wedding rings for a year. The reason why? He worked in a hospital before and he has to have sterile hands even if he is just doing rounds or checking up on patients. He also removes the ring every time he puts on surgical gloves. I, on other hand, unfortunately, lost mine. I lost a lot of weight during our first year and the ring slipped through my skinny finger and I did not know where it fell. I just knew that the ring was no longer in my finger. I felt that time that the whole earth dawned on me, I felt terrible, it was our wedding ring! A symbol of our union! And until now, I still feel bad and terrible for losing that one precious thing.

wedding ring setSo now, I have looked through wedding ring sets because I want to, in a way, make up for what I’ve lost. In all honesty, hubby and I decided to leave his wedding ring back home, I have kept it in my small jewelry case along with my other jewelry (since I don’t like to wear jewelry), and now it is with my in-law’s care (hopefully, hubby asked them to keep them). But as I looked through the many wedding ring sets, they were a way too out of my budget, I still have to save a lot to be able to buy a set for me and hubby. Hopefully, one of these days.

Making Memory Through Coins

Memorable events in your life will always be remembered.  A wedding will be more memorable with the album of still pictures of the wedding event. Childhood memories can be recalled with the help of recorded videos of your childhood days. Each of us would always try to keep something that will remind us of our wonderful memories.

One wise thing to do to have a lasting memorabilia of is to engrave it in a custom-made coin. For example, the picture of the couple can be used as design for challenge coins and make it as their wedding favour. In this way, you can be certain that your party favour will really last for long. Every time you and your husband see that coin you are reminded how lovely that day was.