Just Beautiful # 12 – Smile

There’s nothing more beautiful than the smile of children. Be it a grubby smile, or a naughty smile, it justs melts our hearts away and mind you, it’s contagious! When I took this photo, I just couldn’t help but click and click away!

The children were all game to have their grubby smiles captured! It was really nice to see happy children despite their filthy faces and clothes, but it was fun! 🙂


Just Beautiful # 11

I took this photo a long time ago, experimenting with my antique DSLR. I have posted this also in my main blog, but I know this is just perfect for today’s meme.

I love how the inchworm works its way in the petal and the dewdrops that are trapped in the pink petals too, they are just awesome. What do you think?