Used To Be An Addict

Oh no! That’s not what you think!

I used to be an addict to cellphone cases! That is what I wanted to say! Did I get you there?

cell phoneWhen mobile phones became a household name here in the country, I was one of the most eager to buy one! I was still in college (about 15 years ago), when my dad bought a cellular phone, but it was purely for calls only, text messaging was still written in the stars then. I was really proud of having one because back then, cellular phones were very expensive! I used to bring it in school (forgive me for bragging) even if my dad was the only one who would call me. Then came the mobile phone revolution! The gadget became more and more affordable and that most of us own a phone or two. I remember having two cellular phones before and I was so addicted to changing casings and keypads! It was a phenomenon way back! But the only phone I did not have back then was a Motorola, so I had no Motorola cell phone cases, obviously. I remember buying cell phone cases almost every month and changing cases, I had see-through cases and keypads, rainbow-colored cases, even cell phone accessories, stickers, etcetera. I was really hooked into it. But later on, I just got fed up and just stopped buying cases and accessories.

I’ve realized that it was a waste of money, I mean I could have bought other important things than those accessories, but at least it gave me joy and happiness. Well, I was young then, and now that I am married and I have children and a family to take care of, a cellular phone is no longer a priority. As long as it serves it purpose, to call and text, then I am happy with it! 🙂