Better Than TV Family Bonding

A weekend treat does not exactly mean that we will spend most of our time at home with the kids and give them cereals to munch while watching their favorite cartoon movies and we doing our usual weekend routine like laundry, cleaning the house and going to the grocery stores to buy some kitchen supplies and food to fill the fridge. Sometimes, it is more worthwhile to drop this boring activity to a more engaging fun-filled weekend once or twice a month. Start drawing some ideas where you can spend the Saturdays or Sundays and gather and sell those old CDs and DVDs and even games to give some space for your living room. You can raise money through this where you can spend on gas and food on your weekend agenda.

Speaking of a weekend getaway, it doesn’t mean a total out-of-town trip or an expensive beach vacation. Plan something simply educational. Take a visit at the local museum or zoo where kids can marvel at things they only see on television. A good sun basking in an open field would be good as well since the entire week is spent mostly inside classrooms, offices and homes. Lead your young ones to catch some butterflies and collect flowers. This way they will be able to appreciate the beauty of their surroundings. You too will surely enjoy seeing them explore their environment with great curiosity and much wonder. Teaching them about trees, plants, insects and small animals will interest them to explore more and read more. They will no longer get engrossed with cartoon channels but on shows featuring the environment and natural sciences.

family bonding

The most important thing with this activity is the essence of family bonding. Bring everyone and make them feel special and loved. Kids may not catch this but through constant outdoor activity conflicts, especially among siblings, are resolved and relationships are strengthened. This is actually better than TV family bonding moments for everyone.

Do not forget to bring food when you go out. A basket full of sandwiches, sliced fruits and drinks will do. Initiate a healthy conversation during snack time by asking them how they are school, what are their difficulties and any concerns on assignments and projects. Ask them about their plans for the following week and talk to them about their goals for each day and what they think can help them achieve these. Make them feel important by sincerely listening to them. This is the most important part of the whole plan – making everything seem relaxed while getting to know them and understanding their dreams, hopes and ambitions.

Two Weeks Vacation for this Mommy

Oh yes!!! I have two weeks vacation…. that is from making lunches for my eldest Kuya Bogs! Yippeeee!!!

I am just happy to have a break from making lunches for him. It is a task that I don’t dread, in fact, I love it, it’s just that I don’t have a lot of options! He’s one picky eater plus there is this nut-free policy, so I can’t make a lot. He doesn’t eat broccoli, carrots, or other veggies, he only eats bread with Nutella, spaghetti, he eats meat soup though and his favorite is my simple recipe of rice and mixed vegetables sauteed together.

I do want to give him a balanced and healthy lunch but because he’s so picky, he eats the same thing over and over again. I also find the nut-free policy here to be unfair to the parents who have children who are not allergic to anything. I know, I feel for those parents too, it is also hard for them, but schools should not generalize. I know that it is also for the safety of everyone, I just find it so hard to keep up with my picky eater, plus the food that he loves is not allowed in school. Sigh!

That is why I am arming myself with nut-free lunches, I’ve been reading a lot of websites that offer simple and easy to make nut-free lunches for kids. Hopefully, I can make them for my eldest when he goes back to school… as for me… I am off for two weeks! Yippeeee! 🙂

Mother’s Day Shopping

What a way to spend Mother’s Day! Shopping!

We were at the nearest mall on Mother’s Day to celebrate it. Hubby’s perfect proposition was for me to shop. He said it was his birthday and mother’s day treat for me. I did shop, but bought those things that we need like Kuya Bogs’ new lunch box, a new wire whisk and some new underwear and tops for me. I also bought the little boys some bubbles for them to enjoy during the warm days ahead.

Hubby said he wanted to buy some small kitchen appliances for me but I refused. I told him that I don’t need those one right now and that I can always make do with what I have in the kitchen. I was glad that while I was shopping, Job slept in the stroller while Kuya Bogs was well-behaved that day. We were supposed to go visit the African Safari because I had my day off but since the weather was not very cooperative, it rained, there was hail and it was windy and very cold on Mother’s Day.

Even though it was just like an ordinary day, it was a special family day for us. It was our first of the many Mother’s day to come to celebrate. Even though we don’t earn that much but I am happy that we are still able to buy our needs and some of our family’s wants.