Movie Night

We had a movie night last Sunday after my shift at the store. After our dinner, hubby scanned through the channels in the cable and found one that we all enjoyed before. Yes, before, we have already watched the movie UP last year before coming here, and last Sunday, we watched it again. We just allowed Kuya Bogs and Job to stay late because Summer camp is over and Job can sleep through the night and in the following day.

So we watched the movie UP and it was really fun.


We laughed together at the funny scenes, Kuya Bogs liked the scene when Russel tried to climb up the hose but wasn’t able to do so, while the old man was waiting to be hoisted. We loved how it made us smile when the movie ended. Good thing that we were able to record it in our PVR, so we have the chance to watch it over again.

The movie UP teaches a very good lesson, that is to reach for your dreams and ambitions, no matter how difficult the trials and challenges you may face along the way. There will always be a way to reach for your dreams, just be determined and put your heart into it and never lose hope, in the end, you will conquer all your fears and realize your dreams, goals and ambitions. It also teaches us that life is not easy at all and the world out there is an adventure itself.

It was indeed a pretty good movie, perfect for us as a family.

I Love Mamma Mia

I’ve been watching the move Mamma Mia for several times now, and sometimes hubby would sit and watch with me. Even though I have seen the movie quite a number of times, I still love to watch it again and again. I just love the movie and the songs from Abba and how the producers have arranged them so perfectly well. I bet the musical producers have used┬ádigidesign mbox 2 mini to record and edit the songs in the music or I guess some other high tech equipment to come out with the best production and music. I’ve also learned that one of the producers of Mamma Mia is a member of the famous singing group Abba.

I really am a music lover and so does hubby and watching Mamma Mia makes me sing along with their songs, and even when I rock the little baby to sleep, I would sing to him the songs from the movie! ­čÖé

Oh I just love Mamma Mia! “Honey, honey, how he thrills me, aha! (honey, honey)! LOL! I’m singing again! ­čÖé

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