Music Classes in School

My eldest has music classes in the school that he attends. His class goes to the music room every Wednesday to be taught to play a musical instrument. It may not be a rigid training or class, but just getting familiar with different musical instruments. One particular instrument that my son likes is the flute. In fact at the convenience store, he saw a plastic toy flute, he asked me to buy it so that he can play with it in the house. He has been learning to play the flute in school during their music class.

He likes the flute because it is small and light, plus the flute case is easy to carry. He is also learning how to blow through it properly so that after a few days and probably by their Spring concert next year, he will be able to play the flute or a simple song using that instrument. Hopefully he will be able to learn more as the days and weeks pass.

Young and Talented Kids

I have been watching the show America’s Got Talent, and this season, I have seen many young and talented kids. One of those are the tandem of two pretty young girls, only age 10. One is a rapper and her partner is a deejay. I was so impressed at how good they were at their craft. It seems like they have been doing it for years, when in fact they have just met. The rapper girl did a wonderful job and she has indeed swag, the deejay girl is comparable as well, she knows her stuff and way around the mixer and controller. I don’t know but maybe (just thinking out loud or hunching here) she is using a very good equipment. Maybe (or maybe not) she indeed have one just like the exceptional numark n4 at guitar center. She really did a good there and the judges were really impressed with her and the rapper’s performance. They did got to the second auditions but they did not make it to the New York shows.

But somehow, their talents and their skills have been noticed and the world has seen how good they are. I know they will go a long way and I will probably see them in the future.

Your Guitar String Order is on the Way

I am the first to accept the fact that the internet evolution has come a long way since its creation and I must admit that it has made everything faster and easier. And just like what I have said in my previous posts that it also made online shopping so much fun and easier. In fact, you can even shop right at the comfort of your living room and any time you want. Then some company’s even deliver it at your doorstep at no other cost and ship internationally for free.

But you have to check first and read the fine prints very carefully before hitting the checkout button so your guitar string order will arrive without any glitch and problem. It is better that way than be sorry later and know that they won’t deliver in the country where you are and there’s nothing you can do about it once it is done.