Choosing a Present that Stands Apart from the Rest

When couples are first engaged, they may register at local stores for household items like towels, bed sheets, pillowcases, and other basics. While these essentials are always well received at weddings and engagement parties, they can get lost in the mix of everything else a couple receives and eventually become meaningless as the couple builds their life together.

It is understandable then, why you might want to select a present that will be unique and unlike anything for which the couple may have registered. You can show the level of thought, care, and time that you put into selecting the right token when you shower the couple with unique presents like handmade crafts, wedding gift baskets, culinary treats, and other mementos chosen just for this occasion.

wedding gift basket

Finding the Right Basket Online

Anyone can hastily make up a basket of haphazard tokens that may have been selected without a lot of forethought, insight, or care. However, rather than give a jumbled mix of mismatched items, you may instead want a basket that features a centralized theme or flavor. When you shop on the website, you can find baskets that abide by this requirement by featuring items that all match or complement a certain underlying idea.

For example, when you want to toast the couple who is about to exchange vows, you may choose a champagne basket that contains items that complement the flavor of the champagne and also celebrate the occasion. The couple can indulge in both the champagne and the included sweet treats on their wedding night or on their honeymoon.

Likewise, you may want to give the couple some sweet treats that they can enjoy as they make their life together in their new home. You can find baskets that have chocolates, cookies, teas, and more that are perfect for indulging in after a long day at work or on the weekend. The basket itself is reusable so the couple can use it in their kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else they need such a container.

Shopping Made Easy

You may wonder if the actual shopping process is as simple as it is intended to be on the website. The site is set up so that even novices to online shopping can select the perfect gift and then check out quickly and efficiently.

The process starts by viewing the selection of basket gifts on the landing page for weddings, engagements, and other occasions. You can consider each basket based on the items found inside each one. You can also select the basket you would like to purchase based on its price. The prices are available for you to view immediately so you know exactly how much you will spend online.

Once you fill your online shopping cart with the desired items, you can then check out using one of the approved payment methods. You can then decide where you would like the items shipped. You can select your home, the address of the couple, or the location of the upcoming wedding or engagement party.

Depending on your budget, you may appreciate saving money when you shop online. You can sign up for the company’s newsletter, which will give you access to discounts, specials, and other offers from the company. You can use those savings anytime you shop for an engagement or wedding gift on the website.

Other Gift-Giving Occasions

You are welcome to visit the website anytime you have an occasion for which you would like to buy a gift. The company offers baskets for many occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and other special moments.

You can also find gift baskets that are suitable for taking to work and giving to someone with whom you work, your supervisor, or employees. You can click the links at the top of the page to shop by event or occasion. You can also use the Business Gifts tab to find baskets that are designed for the professional arena.

Engagements and weddings are occasions that call for special and unique gifts. You can make your mark with the couple and give something that will be appreciated and enjoyed when you shop on the website for the perfect gift basket.

Of Wedding Dresses and Wedding Plans

It’s been nine years since I tied the knot with my ex-boyfriend-turned-husband. We had a simple and private wedding with only close friends and family invited. Our budget was just enough and I had to do all the wedding planning myself. But we went overboard our budget when the wedding gown I chose was not the one I wanted it to be. I spent about a hundred dollars for the wedding gown but it turned out to be not-so-nice and it wasn’t the one I wanted. So I had to order a new wedding gown. It was a waste of money and time.

But had I learned about DressFirst, I would have bought my wedding gown from the website. Their wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, even homecoming dresses are just so elegant and pretty and they are made-to-order and if I select the custom size at the website, the dress would be tailored to exactly fit me. I remember bringing my then fiance to the hospital because he was so stressed out due to my wedding gown that was really not wearable. So anyway, had I known DressFirst then, I would really have saved time and money.

As I browse through DressFirst website, it made me think of having my wedding ceremony done all over again. I know I may sound crazy but if I look back, I would have done things differently. I would have a grand wedding and go on a honeymoon and DressFirst would have helped me with our wedding dresses even with my entourage. I would have saved a lot since DressFirst offers free shipping on wedding dress and even on prom dresses. They have a very wide collection of beautiful and elegant wedding dresses, cheap bridesmaid dresses, evening dresses, wedding accessories, even shoes, handbags, veils, and so much more. And if I would ever have a wedding ceremony again (of course with my husband, let’s say renewal of vows), I would really love to wear this wedding gown:

DressFirst wedding dresses

This is a ball-gown strapless chapel train organza charmeuse wedding dress with lace beadwork pegged at $276.99. Its regular price is $380 and it’s a really nice dress plus shipping is free for that. I can also get my wedding favours at DressFirst, it’s like an all-in-one stop shop for all my wedding needs and special occasions! It’s just an amazing website.

Until then, I would only have to dream or maybe plan for our wedding anniversary, we are hoping we will reach golden, and get to see our boys grow up and have families of their own. For now, I’ll satisfy myself with the beautiful collections and reminisce that wonderful day when I wedded my best friend, my sweetheart, my text mate, the love of my life, my ex-boyfriend, now my husband.

New Backpack from Posy Lane

In January, I got the opportunity to review a personalized backpack from Posy Lane. My son who was then in Kindergarten had it all throughout the entire school year and the backpack withstood Fall, Winter and Spring and 6 weeks of Summer camp! I am just so impressed of the quality of the backpack and how it survived rain, snow, heat and all the elements of nature. Not only that, my son is very active and being a boy that he is, the backpack just hits the ground any time, been dragged for a million times (I guess) and all the rigors of childhood play and activities. So all those months, the backpack did already show wear and tear and there’s a lot of it! So I decided to buy a new backpack for my school boy. Since the first backpack did a very good job, I also decided to buy from Posy Lane again.

My school boy and I went to the website and he personally chose this super cool kids backpack:

posy lane backpack

The Sugarbooger Day of the Dead Zippie Kids Backpack!

He chose this among all the many backpacks in the website because he said “Mommy, it is super cool!” So when I asked Posy Lane that I am buying a backpack from them again and that I would do a review of it, they gladly said yes and gave me a 40% off of the price of the backpack with free shipping! Isn’t that awesome? I saved a lot! I did not want to go to Walmart, Target or to the other stores here to get a backpack because I had very bad experience with the backpacks sold in these stores. So anyway, I chose also not to personalize it since my son has a bag tag and that I can put in the bag.

This bag though is smaller than the first one we got last January but still, it can hold my son’s new zippie bag, a big notebook or their Agenda, his lunch bag, a water bottle and a change of clothes. It’s one packed bag!

posylane backpack

Compare their sizes. The Day of the Dead zippie backpack is smaller than the Stephen Joseph backpack that I got from Posy Lane in January.

The Sugarbooger backpacks are made of durable nylon canvas, the graphics of the backpack is bold and  they’re funky. The main compartment has a sturdy zipper, and it has a zippered exterior compartment as well where I have placed my sons’ raincoat, a pencil, eraser, sharpener and some other small school stuff. Unlike the other backpack, the Day of the Dead zippie backpack has only two compartments, I do like the first one we got because it has lots of pockets and compartments and is bigger, but because this is my son’s choice, obviously because he loves the design and the graphics on it, then we will have to make do with it. One feature that this backpack have that the old one doesn’t have is this:

posy lane backpack

A part where you can put a label.

Since I got some labels for my son’s school stuff, I placed one on the insides of the backpack. My son loves the backpack even though it is a little small for all his stuff, but he loves it anyway. He said that his bag is cool, so that makes me a happy mum! 🙂

I am thankful to Posy Lane for this opportunity again for letting me save some money. It would have been nice to have the bag personalized but I just did not. Had I done it, I would have gotten again beautiful embroidery on their products, in my case, my son’s backpack. Posy Lane is rolling out a preview tool on their website for customers to see the name built by their font choice. That’s really cool! So hopefully, the next time I order a backpack or any product from Posy Lane, I am going to have my item personalized so that I can use the preview tool. You can check out this article in their blog in this link.

Anyway, here’s my son on his way to school with his new backpack. The day after it arrived, he used it immediately because again, he said, “Mommy it’s so cool! 🙂

posy lane backpack

Thank you Posy Lane! You can check them out in Faceboook for more product information, coupon codes and to know more about Posy Lane.

*Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I received a Day of the Dead Zippie Backpack at a special discounted price. All opinions are my own and may differ from yours.