First Family Camping (Part 1)

The weekend of August 23 to 25, 2013 was our first family camping. Together with Kevin and Tita Bambi, we all headed to the Yogi Bear Jellystone Park in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

We were supposed to leave the city by 11 am but we set out at past 1 pm because packing the car took really some time. We did not bring a lot because the trailer which was reserved a couple of months ago was fully furnished. All we needed was food and stuff for barbecue. But because Kevin wanted that we are all comfortable during our camping, he brought lanterns, bug zappers, and other stuff which we actually did not need at all, which eventually took a lot of space in the car. So anyway, as soon as we arrived at the camp site, we checked in and paid the remaining balance. After that, we were led to our trailer and we started setting up. We were all wows at how comfy and nice the trailer was.

Tita Bambi and I started prepping for our first camp dinner and used the kitchen stove and most of the utensils there. We had our dinner at the patio, it was really nice and the food was good. After dinner, we went down to our camp fire and started roasting marshmallows. The little boys were excited to roast their marshmallows and got some sticky and gooey mallows in their faces, fingers and shirts!

family camping

family camping

Since it was already getting late, I tucked the little boys in bed… the couches can be turned into beds and so with just a few minutes, they were fast asleep. As for the adults, we continued chatting over the camp fire until it was all gone. It was also getting cold, so we bid adieu to our first day of camp. Fun day it was! 🙂

Lunch for My Son

The other week, Kuya Bogs along with the other campers went to the newest Reptile Zoo here. Since they will be out the whole day and I am pretty sure that they will do a lot of walking, I packed him a lunch that will keep him energized. I made sure he had his favorites inside the lunchbox, there is no particular theme for this one though, so here it is:

lunchbox fun

In this lunchbox are apple slices, car-shaped boiled egg, a mini burger, cheese sticks and gelatin-free gummies. His favorite is the boiled egg. I just hope that he will eat what’s inside, but he specifically asked for all these, so he will definitely finish this all up.

I hope too that he will have fun and learn a lot at the Reptile Zoo. It’s just sad that parents are not allowed to go with them.

Holiday Spent Well

We’ve spent our holiday today very well. Hubby was one busy guy today,went to the grocery (they were open), bought a bicycle for me and a seat for Job that can be attached on the back of the bike and assembled it together with me. Since we decided not to go to the mall or to an exhibit or to the waterpark for the long weekend, we instead went to the lakeside and had a picnic. We went biking around our usual routes and it was so much fun!

It was well spent because we did not have to shell out money to have fun and have quality time. We rode our bikes in the afternoon and headed to the lakeside park and watch the city of Toronto at a distance, the sailboats on Lake Ontario and the people in kayaks and so many others. It was lovely to sit with the boys, have something to eat, and then packed up again and went biking. Hubby led us through our routes, Kuya Bogs was on his tail and me and Job at the end. Job looked so cute in his seat at the back of my bicycle and he was just so excited and happy to ride with me.

Biking and picnicking were two of the activities I envisioned before we came here to Canada. While we were still in the Philippines, hubby’s aunt kept telling us that we can go biking during the summer, and I imagined buying a bike for us and we would go see the town in our bikes. And less than a year, that vision already became a reality! I have always dreamed of doing activities like that and it really warmed my heart knowing that we have done it together.

Here’s a snap of us while having our picnic at the lakeside:

family picture