Cold Morning

We woke up today to a minus 12 centigrade on the thermometer! It was just one cold morning and because it is Sunday and hubby and I don’t have work, we decided to just stay home and stay warm. Hubby and I have talked about buying a car, we’ve only been here for just a year and hubby just got his G1 license, which means he needs someone (a G holder) to drive with him. But because we haven’t saved that much yet (we’re only minimum wage earners), we couldn’t afford to buy a car just yet. But we are hoping that by next year, he will take the G2 exam and be able to get even a second hand car.

So anyway, because it was so cold this morning, going out was not an option. Instead, we did the laundry, cleaned the house, let the little boys play and scream, hehehe, and did some more chores. I caught up with my writing gigs as well and watched my TV shows. The cold weather kept us stuck in the house, which is a good thing actually, we don’t have to go out and spend. But of course, it would have been nice to have our own car so that if we want to go to church, or to the mall or visit an attraction, it’s easy for us. We don’t have to shiver in the cold bus stop even in our winter clothes.

I know that it will happen soon, I am positive of that. The Lord will provide and we will soon be able to see the fruits of our labor. As for the cold morning, we will expect that to be like that in the coming days as winter approaches, and then I am looking forward to Spring and then Summer… 🙂

More Hours, Less Time

I’ve been given a few more hours at work and now that puts me in a dilemma. I am not complaining though, the extra hours at work means a few more cents in the bank account, BUT it has taken a few more hours away from my family, and for me who has a toddler who needs my attention, love, care and nurture, that is not so good.

I am torn every time I step out of our apartment, every time I kiss goodbye to my little boy and head off to work (especially when it’s a long shift). My heart says don’t go, but I have to, or else, we won’t have anything to eat. Hubby’s income is not enough, so I should work to augment our expenses. Okay, I admit, it makes me a little bit happy to see a few more hours in my schedule at work, but it makes me sad at the same time because I can’t spend that much time with my family anymore. Call me whatever, but for me, spending time with my boys are far more important than spending a little more time at work, even though I earn from that and it bring food to our table and I am able to help other people as well.

I know, it’s so hard, it just tears my heart apart. I like the fact that I earn a little more, but I loathe the time away from my family! It’s such an irony. But then I guess, I will have to live like this for a couple of years, until the little one is ready for school. Until then, I can finally say that I would love to work more hours to be able to help provide for my growing boys, but for now, my little boy needs me, and I feel guilty that sometimes I spend too much time facing my laptop (when I am at home) than teaching him what he has to learn.

It is such a dilemma.

What Have You Done Today?

This is the question I’ve asked myself today.

After work, I went home with two bags of grocery. I know most of the items in my grocery bag were stuff that we don’t need the most, and as I unpacked my stuff, I felt guilty and ashamed of myself. Why? Because just barely two days, the aftermath of super typhoon Haiyan is all over the news and in my Facebook. Desperate calls for help, friends asking for donations, posts of people who have survived the strongest typhoon ever recorded in history. I felt the guilt for buying stuff that could have fed the survivors, for spending money that could have been used to buy bottles and gallons of potable water, that could have clothed children.

So what have you done today?

I just did my share. I sent a hundred percent of what I spent today to friends who have families and relatives who are victims of the super typhoon. The guilt was replaced with compassion and empathy. That is what I have done today. It may be a small amount that I’ve shared, but it will be able to help the victims, provide them meals for a day, help them rebuild their lives (in a way).

I know, I’ve said these in my previous posts when my own family became victims of a massive 7.2 magnitude earthquake in the middle of October. But again, I will say this, they will be able to rebuild their lives, it may take time, but they will. Filipinos are resilient, can still afford to smile even in pain, even in the most depressing circumstances, Filipinos are genuinely long suffering. They, we, will rise again.

So what have you done today?