Electronic Dog Collars

Almost everyone goes through life with a spouse, kids, a job, food, water and a couple of pets. Pets are becoming more common for people, especially dogs. Most dogs are treated well by their owners, and most owners get their dogs a collar. Some contemporary collars are electronically designed, and these electronic collars are more beneficial for training purposes versus a standard dog collar. For example, if the dog does something unacceptable, the collar gives the dog negative stimuli to make the dog’s negative behavior stop. There are several types of electric collars to choose from. Stationary designs are the type of collars you see your neighbors’ using in their backyard. These collars keep the dog in the yard by delivering a small shock if the dog walks outside of the area designated to stay inside. This trains the dog to stay within a certain area of the yard. A remote type of electric collar is used for sporting, hunting and competition purposes. This collar gives the dog a negative stimulus when the dog owner presses the button on the remote control. This signals the dog to stop its behavior and listen to what his owner says. A bark sensor collar is another type of electric collar. This collar delivers a shock to the dog when the dog is barking too much. This collar works well for dogs that will not stop barking day and night, often disturbing your neighbors. These are just a few of the electric collars that are available for dogs. If you want to have a well-behaved dog, try one of these collars today.

Love for Pets

My family has a love for pets. Job and I love dogs, hubby and Kuya Bogs like cats. The other week, I remember, Kuya Bogs asked me if we could get a dog for a pet. But unfortunately, we could not have one because it is very costly to have a pet here. Unlike in our home country where dogs and other pets can survive on their own, animals here are like children. Oh, we do love our pet Yaki, but unfortunately, we have to leave her to the care of my SIL and MIL, but at least we won’t worry that she’s abandoned and not taken cared of.

I remember Yaki for being such a noisy little dog. Whenever she smells or sees someone he doesn’t know at the door, she would bark so hard and just be so noisy. When the little boys were still babies, I always wanted to have a quiet and peaceful slumber for them, but because Yaki is just so noisy specially when someone she doesn’t know is in the house, the little boys would get startled and wake up from their sleep. It was only here that I got to learn that there are bark limiter collars like the tri tronics bark limiter. Like Tita Bambi and Kevin’s dog Madison, she has a bark collar which sprays something (safe that is) to the dog which will definitely “tell” the dog not to bark again. Had I known that there are bark limiter collars, I would have bought one for Yaki.

Anyway, hubby and I would probably get a pet when the little boys are bigger, when they already understand that having a pet is like having a little baby brother or sister, that they are also family. For now, they will only have to play with Madison.

Make Christmas Peaceful

Christmas can be an exciting time – but it can also be an extremely stressful time, especially when there are children, families or pets involved. In this article I aim to help you create a better and more relaxed Christmas atmosphere.


As we know, some pets can be very unpredictable around new people. This can cause tension between the owners as you worry about every possible worst case scenario. One thing you can use to stop excitable and erratic behaviour is a pet calmer or diffuser. Diffusers work by releasing pheromones into your house that act as calming agents and reassure your pet in times of stress or during times when there’s lots of activity.

Another source of problems can be found on Christmas Day, especially when it comes to dogs. If your dog is anything like mine, he will want to help everyone unwrap their presents and sometimes this behaviours can become very irritating, especially to guests who are not dog lovers – the excitement takes over and the dog forgets how to play softly. This issue can easily be remedied by purchasing Christmas gifts for your pet – wrap them up in cheap wrapping paper and give them to your pet whilst everyone is exchanging presents – this stops them from grabbing other peoples presents and also gives them a sense of personal possession – if they realise that they will be getting their own gifts they are less likely to assume that everyone else’s presents belong to them. There are a massive range of dog toys to choose from at VioVet, so you can be sure to find something your dog is bound to love!

You should also make sure to stock up on pet hair removers – many more people than you may think suffer from pet hair allergies, so the chances are that at least one of your guests, whether they know it or not, will have an allergy to your pet’s hair. Because it’s not generally a fatal problem, it won’t cause major reactions, but as a pet hair allergy sufferer, it is always nice to go into a place where the owner has made an effort to remove the dog hairs – it makes the time spent their much more pleasant and means that your guest will feel much more relaxed and comfortable.