Happy 2013!

365 days passed by so quickly! It was just like yesterday when 2012 came and now, it’s the first day of the new year! Well, I am just glad that me, the little boys and my husband are still alive and woke up this morning! One of the first things that we are very thankful of! 2012 for us as a family was a year full of trials, challenges, hardships, emotional breakdowns, hurts and renewals, but 2012 was also a “NEW” year for us, it was a year of a NEW journey, a NEW beginning, a NEW endeavor. The challenges that we have met along our new journey were not easy. It taught us a lot, it made us stronger, it made us wiser, it made us LOVE EACH OTHER MORE. 2012 was a memorable year, probably the most memorable one for us. It may have been very difficult for us, some days and months brought us pain, tears, and there were months that made us realize that we are ONE FAMILY, that we were brought together by GOD, that we were chosen to be parents and that we are part of HIS family.

The events that happened to us in the last quarter of 2012 posed a BIG challenge to us. Our migration was ONE BIG LEAP OF FAITH, but GOD has been so good to us. He has seen us through all our days and He WILL see us and be with us throughout our entire lives. That is one PROMISE that we will stand on. We believe that He has brought us here for a reason, a purpose, and 2013 will bring us closer to HIM, will be a year full of discovery, JOY, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, PEACE, FORGIVENESS, HAPPINESS and ABUNDANCE.

From my family to yours, HAPPY 2013! We start our year with HOPE, that even in the coldest night, even in the toughest times, even in the strongest storms, we as a family will stand firm together. 


Canada at Last!

We have finally reached Canada! It’s been a whole day of travel and thank God, despite Baby Jobès on and off fever, we were able to reach our final destination in one piece.

We have settled here in Oakville, Ontario in hubby’s aunt’s one-bedroom apartment. They have temporarily shared their humble abode to us while we are still adjusting to the cold season and embracing the new way of life. They have offered their place, time and even the contents of their fridge and pantry to us (which we will soon replace). The little boys are also adjusting to the cold temperature and sleeping in the living room. Baby Job is still nursing a fever due to his teething. I just hope that he will be fine by tomorrow because we miss our super sweet and happy little baby. He’s been sleeping a lot since our travel and hubby and I do pray and hope that he will get well the soonest.

We are very thankful to God for bringing us safe here and we are praying that He will continue to bless us here and give us jobs that will help us survive in the next few months. Thank you Lord! You are indeed wonderful! 🙂

Father and Sons

Since it is a long weekend here and there is no school and work, we took the little boys out to the newly constructed covered court in the plaza. I brought with me my camera and took photos of the boys. Here’s one of them that I edited using Photoscape:

father and sons

Back shot of father and sons… 🙂

Every morning, since hubby stopped “working,” he would take out the boys to the plaza and just let them run, play and exhaust them of all their energy. The little boys like it so much too, and who does not?

We are maximizing our times here, we barely have a month to go before our move and we know that we won’t be able to do leisure and hanging-out times like this. I don’t know if there will still be father and sons bonding because hubby and I will be working. But I really hope that we will still have like these, and it will definitely be one of the many things I will miss.

Sharing this for the 234 Blog Photo Challenge.