Never Come Back

I’m referring to my back acne! One thing that I would really want not to develop is my back acne which I acquired during my pregnancy. I still have it now, it has even reached my tummy and it’s quite itchy. I loathed the thought that I couldn’t even wear sexy tops even while pregnant because my back is so red and full of pimples! For my first pregnancy, I did not have any pimples on my back, but now, it’s a different story. I am hoping that once this pregnancy is over, the acne will never come back! Or else, I’d go looking for a back acne treatment. I really dread for that day to come, it would mean shelling out extra cash, being away from the newborn baby, not to mention the scars it will leave… uuugggghhh! 🙁

I just hope that it will never ever come back. Crossing my fingers on that!

Fashion and Passion Online’s Birthday Giveaway

So finally, I am convinced! Of joining Fashion and Passion Online’s Birthday and Beauty Giveaway. If my memory serves me right, I think this is only my third time to join contests and giveaways online. At first, I was skeptical about such online contests, until…. just last January, I won a domain and a free year of web hosting!!! It was my first time to join an online contest and well, blessed enough, I won!

So now, I am joining this beauty giveaway from a blogger friend. She just recently celebrated her birthday and she invited me to join her contest. And since it’s a beauty giveaway, it entails about none other than, beauty!!! I am actually tasked to talk about how I take care of my skin… oh my!!!! I’m such a loser when it comes to taking care of my skin… 🙂 hehehe… Okay, but since we all do take care of our skin, I just want to share to you what I usually do to keep my skin in “good shape.”

First, hydrate. I drink, as much as I can, at least eight glasses of water every day! I’ve read over and over that nothing beats hydrating the skin by drinking lots of water.

Second, I wash my face with soap and water at least twice a day. This somehow gets rid of the dirt that clogs the pores. When I was still teaching, I would always wash my face every break time because of all the chalk dust.

Third, I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Do I need to tell you the benefits of doing so?? Hehehe… we all know that eating fruits and veggies makes us healthy.

Honestly, I can’t think of anything else… hehehe… those are just what I regularly do. I don’t have any beauty regimen, I am too lazy to put on creams and moisturizers and stuff like that on my skin… I have this feeling or notion that if I do, when I get to the age of 40 or 50 or even 60, I would look much older… No offense meant to those who use them, but I am just afraid of putting on chemicals on my face and skin.

Hmmmm… so I guess, that’s just about it! I am hoping to win, but most of all, I am just happy that I’m able to share my “beauty secret.”