To Have That Zest Again

I wonder who won the giveaway I posted here for a few weeks ago. I joined that giveaway and I am really hoping to win because I am in much need of funds now. I know there are so many giveaways that I can join but it seems that the winning streak and the lucky bug has gone off somewhere.

Well, I know there are still so many other giveaways in the blogoshpere, I guess I will only have to find the time to like all the fan pages, follow all the twitter accounts, add to my circles every participant’s G+ page, and so on and so forth. But of course, aside from joining giveaways, I just hope that my writing mojo will come back soon, the soonest possible time, so that I can have that zest again for my blogs and my life as well.

It’s just been so tough and difficult these past few days.

Collecting Mugs

I love to collect mugs. I remember when I was still single, I would always ask friends who would travel and visit other places to bring me a mug as a souvenir from that particular place. I would also buy mugs that are unique and place them in my cabinet.

Now that I am married, I still collect mugs and lately, while browsing online, I saw this retro holiday latte mug from Personal Creations. It’s really nice and I would love to have it. I have no holiday mug yet in my collection so if I have this, it would be a great addition. I would not mind waiting for it, as long as it gets in my collection.

Aren’t the mugs cool? Drinking latte from that mug would really be a one of a kind experience. I hope I can get to have one of those, and as for my little boys, I hope they won’t break any of my mugs. 🙂