Unplanned Visit to the Niagara Falls

The family had an unplanned visit to the Niagara Falls last Sunday. I had a full 8-hour shift at work that day and hubby and I had already planned what to have for dinner (by the time I get home). I even bought a bag of organic bok choy to go for that plan, but when I took my lunch, I received an SMS from hubby saying that Tita Bambi and Kevin wants us all to go to Niagara Falls to watch the fireworks. So okay, I thought, but then I realized that I would be very tired by then, but what the heck. It is Niagara Falls, one of the world’s famous places to visit.

So after I got out from work at around 6:30, I went home straight (completely forgetting that I bought bok choy) so that we can leave immediately. When I got home, the boys were not yet ready, I had to dress them up and hubby had to dress up too. Good thing the weather was fine that day and so we had no trouble in dressing up. We then cramped ourselves in Kevin’s car and headed to Niagara to see the majestic waterfalls and the fireworks. The travel was about an hour and a half and it was a smooth ride, there were no throwing up from Bogs (thanks to the anti-motion sickness medicine he took before the ride) and Job fell asleep after about 25 minutes. We managed through the traffic in the highway and hubby and I were in awe as we passed by lush greens and grape farms and of course the beautiful scenery. Since it is summer and the sun was still shining even at almost 9 in the evening, we were still able to see Niagara (at dusk) when we arrived.

Hubby and I immediately took the little boys by the viewing area and took some photos of the nice and beautiful waterfalls. It was truly worth the visit. We then headed back to the park where we were seated and had some pizza for our dinner and by 10 pm, the fireworks started. It was a bit short but it was nice and when it was done, everyone cheered and clapped their hands.

These are my boys just before the sunset at the Niagara Falls:

Niagara Falls

After the fireworks, we packed up and got home 30 minutes past 12 and the little boys were all so sleepy and tired and was hubby and I. It was a very good experience, thanks to Tita Bambi and Kevin but we will be coming back to Niagara by the end of August for our first ever family camp here so hopefully, we can take more photos of this wonderful creation.

Tour Guide

These past weeks, I have become myself a tour guide. Well, simply because I live in one of the famous islands in Central Visayas, that is Bohol, where the world renowned Chocolate Hills are sitting and the tarsiers too! Before our scheduled trip to Davao, my cousin whom I haven’t seen for a long time came here and wanted to see Bohol. So my little boy and I went with them (as they were a couple) to see the wonders of this island. We only went to, of course, the Chocolate Hills, had lunch while cruising the Loboc River, to the Butterfly Garden and to see the wide-eyed tarsiers. It was also bonding time for me and my little boy and of course, reminiscing with my cousin and getting to know his wife as well.

Then the other week before that, I have been conversing with a blogger friend who also came here for a day tour. Although I did not join them in their tour, I just arranged for their vehicle to use for the tour. And now, this coming weekend, I will be a tour guide again, sort of! I’m excited because I get to see my cousin and her wife, all bloggers too! The last time we’ve seen each other was in 2008. I am still arranging for the car to use for the tour and actually they’re planning to go dolphin watching too. This is one activity that I haven’t done here in Bohol. I want to go with them but I have to stay overnight in Panglao because dolphin watching starts very early in the morning.

Anyway, I hope the weather will be fine this weekend, no rains please… ­čÖé Oh, by the way, thanks for praying and wishing my little boy well. He’s free from the IV now, we had it removed last night and he’s eating now and haven’t vomited since Tuesday. I just hope that he’ll regain his strength and will recover fully! So that we can go back to school, we only have two more weeks and then it’s vacation! Yipppeeee!!!