Early Christmas Presents

Hubby and I have not wrapped Christmas presents this year for the little boys. Though I have bought them presents earlier and they arrived in the mailbox (I mean the delivery notice) 2 weeks before the big day, they were still happy to have their early Christmas presents, even though they were not wrapped and placed underneath a Christmas tree. Had we have Christmas decorations, I could have placed them in boxes with blank labels and have not wrapped them yet so that the little boys would be very excited to know whose box belongs to whom. That would have been very exciting, but because we also chose not to put Christmas decorations, we also decided not to wrap our Christmas presents.

We know that it is part of the culture here to give out Christmas presents, no matter how small or big it may be, as long as you’ve wrapped it and give it to your loved ones. But because hubby and I have not been so keen with such practice, and Kuya Bogs has badgered me about his presents, we will make it up to him and to his little brother next year. We know that it’s not the presents that count, but celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior that really matters on Christmas and hubby and I make sure that we let our children know that and instill that in their hearts and minds. 🙂