Young and Talented Kids

I have been watching the show America’s Got Talent, and this season, I have seen many young and talented kids. One of those are the tandem of two pretty young girls, only age 10. One is a rapper and her partner is a deejay. I was so impressed at how good they were at their craft. It seems like they have been doing it for years, when in fact they have just met. The rapper girl did a wonderful job and she has indeed swag, the deejay girl is comparable as well, she knows her stuff and way around the mixer and controller. I don’t know but maybe (just thinking out loud or hunching here) she is using a very good equipment. Maybe (or maybe not) she indeed have one just like the exceptional numark n4 at guitar center. She really did a good there and the judges were really impressed with her and the rapper’s performance. They did got to the second auditions but they did not make it to the New York shows.

But somehow, their talents and their skills have been noticed and the world has seen how good they are. I know they will go a long way and I will probably see them in the future.

Paying for Cartoon Shows

Oh my! We are paying about $60 a month for just cartoon shows! That is so terrible! We had our own cable and internet set up last month and since we got hooked to the cable TV, we just watch cartoon shows in one or two channels. The little boys watch one channel, that’s Treehouse. For most of their waking hours, they watch the shows in this channel, although it’s an educational channel and the cartoon shows are very good for the little ones, still exposing them to too much TV is not a nice idea.

We admit, we have made our TV babysit our little boy, when hubby goes to sleep in the morning after his work, and I do the chores, we turn the TV on and let him watch the cartoon shows, but we also like to admit that exposing him to familiar cartoon shows have made him learn few more words adding to his vocabulary. By the time I finish my chores, I sit down with him so that we can watch TV together and talk to Baby Job about the show, and teach him anything I can.

Because there’s only one channel that we get to watch, hubby and I could not even change to our channels and shows. We don’t even get to watch the nightly news and know what’s going on here in Canada and the rest of the world. So we are actually spending that amount all for one channel! But it keeps the little boys occupied, I get to do my chores, and I don’t want Kuya Bogs to be so engrossed with the iPad and watch videos of demolitions and constructions, so it is still “okay” (I think so).

I just hope that we can still get to watch our shows (soon) so that our pay is worth. 😉

Reality Cooking Show Addict

I have always been blatant about my love for watching reality cooking shows. I first got hooked with Iron Chef, and that was a long time ago. Then came Top Chef, I did not become a fan of that show actually because I was not able to follow every episode. Just last year, I happen to switch on to MasterChef US (Season 1) and instantly became addicted. I was pregnant that time so I had all the excuse to stay at home and watch every episode of it. Then Junior MasterChef Australia followed and then MasterChef Australia. Just by watching these reality shows, I learned about cooking, baking, food presentation and a whole lot more. Right now, I am currently following Hell’s Kitchen. It’s still a cooking show but a competition to become head chef for Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants around the world.

I guess if I will pursue my plan of taking up Baking or Culinary Arts, I can probably get Pastry/Baker Chef Jobs somehow or probably work in a cruise ship. Well, these are just plans yet, initial drawings. I still don’t have the time to go back to school or even take a short term course related to baking and cooking. If time permits, I would surely enroll and learn everything there is to learn.