Cold Morning

We woke up today to a minus 12 centigrade on the thermometer! It was just one cold morning and because it is Sunday and hubby and I don’t have work, we decided to just stay home and stay warm. Hubby and I have talked about buying a car, we’ve only been here for just a year and hubby just got his G1 license, which means he needs someone (a G holder) to drive with him. But because we haven’t saved that much yet (we’re only minimum wage earners), we couldn’t afford to buy a car just yet. But we are hoping that by next year, he will take the G2 exam and be able to get even a second hand car.

So anyway, because it was so cold this morning, going out was not an option. Instead, we did the laundry, cleaned the house, let the little boys play and scream, hehehe, and did some more chores. I caught up with my writing gigs as well and watched my TV shows. The cold weather kept us stuck in the house, which is a good thing actually, we don’t have to go out and spend. But of course, it would have been nice to have our own car so that if we want to go to church, or to the mall or visit an attraction, it’s easy for us. We don’t have to shiver in the cold bus stop even in our winter clothes.

I know that it will happen soon, I am positive of that. The Lord will provide and we will soon be able to see the fruits of our labor. As for the cold morning, we will expect that to be like that in the coming days as winter approaches, and then I am looking forward to Spring and then Summer… 🙂

Drum Heaters

One of the largest problems facing businesses during the winter months is the extremely low temperatures and the damage that this can cause to machinery, equipment and stock. Flexelec are experts in providing heating solutions that protect, maintain and preserve against the cold, and their products can add great value to your business.

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Many liquids thicken as they cool down, and this can be a real problem when it comes to pumping them out of the drum. Oil, fat, and wax for instance, become too thick to pump when the temperature drops too low, so silicone elastomer heating strips can be fixed to the outside of the drum in order to maintain the temperature ready for use. They come in a range of sizes to fit drum sizes from 30 to 200 litres. Base drum heaters are used for a similar purpose, but are designed specifically for 200 litre drums. They provide a simple and easy to use solution and require a very low power input to maintain the temperature of the liquid, and can also be used to rapidly heat the material ready for use. Jacket drum heaters are the perfect solution for materials that need to be heated quickly for use at a certain temperature. The thermostat controlled drum heater can efficiently heat up materials such as bitumen, paint, grease, tar, and varnish, making it the perfect temperature for application.

For long term storage of large quantities of liquids, it may be more efficient to heat the room which they are stored in, thus maintaining the temperature of all the drums or containers. Heating mats and Flexelec door heaters are two great options for achieving this. Floor heating mats can be a low cost, effective way of maintaining the temperature within a room, and they can be moved around to suit changing storage requirements.

Fun in the Balcony

It’s been months since I last joined the Blog Photo Challenge and before this year ends, I am hoping that I can make a come back! For December 1, the 336th edition of the Blog Photo Challenge, I would like to share a photo of the boys having fun in the balcony this morning.

fun in the balcony

It snowed yesterday and it was our very first time to see, feel, and touch snow! Our very first snow experience. Hubby and I had seen snow earlier this week but it was just flurries and we haven’t really gone outside to check it out because it was really freezing cold.

Anyway, the snowfall yesterday was heavy enough to cover a portion of our balcony. So this morning, the boys went out and just had fun there. Even though they don’t have their proper attire, they still enjoyed walking and making snowballs. It was really nice to see the boys having fun despite the very cold temperature. I know that in the coming days, more snow will fall and that our balcony will be full of them. We are quite excited (pardon the first timers) though we haven’t readied our winter gears yet, but we know we’ll still have fun! 🙂