Diet Comparison – Weight Watchers v Dukan

It can be hard to choose which diet suits you.  Here is a comparison of two popular diets.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers works by counting points on the foods you eat.  You get a daily “ProPoints” allowance which allows you to eat any foods, counting the number of points for each food item and stopping when you reach your daily point allowance.  The healthier the food is the lower it is in points, encouraging you to eat healthily to fill yourself up.  Fresh fruit and vegetables carry a zero points value as they have already been accounted for in the ProPoints allowance.  They suggest that you eat fruit and veg sensible – i.e. do not go out and eat 4 bananas in a day.  You also get a weekly ProPoint allowance which can be used all in one go in one day – if you fancy a meal out for example.  Or you can spread the weekly points out across the week allowing you to have a chocolate bar a day.

The benefits of Weight Watchers is that your points can be used on anything you like so if you fancied a day eating nothing but chocolate bars realistically you could.  The possible downside is that you could lose weight slowly depending on the food choices you make.

Dukan Diet

Dukan is a relatively straight forward weight loss plan focusing on four dukan diet phases.  The first two phases limit the foods that are available to you to eat, the first attack phase only includes 72 high protein foods, this phase is short and kick starts the diet.  The second phase includes an additional 28 vegetables allowing you to choose from the dukan 100 foods.  The third and fourth phase work at consolidating and stabilising your diet and eating, allowing you to return to a more normal way of eating but including one pure protein day a week to ensure you continue at your target weight.

The pros of this diet is the very strict list of foods you are allowed, often less choice is better, however this is also the downside as the lack of choice can be hard for some people.

Staying Healthy for the Family

Hubby and I always make sure that we stay healthy for our family, for the little boys that is. Recently, hubby noticed weight gain on his side and the activities, the food trips, and the outings we had a couple of weeks ago, all contributed to the slight increase in his weight. So as a result, he went back to walking, controlling his food intake and dieting as well. He now skips eating rice for breakfast, but instead goes for a bowl of oatmeal. Significantly, his diet showed improvements, he has lost a few pounds already and his tummy is no longer that big anymore.

As for me, since I work online and has to finish tasks the soonest possible time, I usually stay up late, which I know is not good for the health. I also stay seated for prolonged periods of time, which also means a red flag for the health. I am fully aware of the risks and dangers of such inactivity, so I make sure that I get to stand up, take breaks, play with Baby Job and Kuya Bogs, chase after them, do chores and do afternoon walks with hubby (and the kids). I don’t want to accumulate cellulite in my thighs and legs so as much as possible, I don’t remain inactive all day long. I also follow Amberen deals on Twitter to keep me updated on how to lose weight and be ready for menopausal symptoms in the near future.

Staying healthy for the kids is one of our priorities, our kids are still young and they still have a long way to go, while we, their parents are already middle-aged individuals, so we try as much as we can to live a healthy lifestyle.

Taking A Big Leap (Maybe)

Hubby has been struggling to lose weight (myself too). When we see old photos of us, we would laugh at how skinny we were, and how we look like before. But we also come to realize that when we were at that stage of our lives, we have been very active in sports, engaging in different school activities and we were just at the prime of our lives (even though we were still very young then). But now that we’ve grown older, our sizes have also doubled and because our metabolism is not that fast anymore, our tendency is to store up fats and gain extra weight.

Sometimes, out of our desperation, we would think of ways to easily lose weight like taking in diet pills and weight loss supplements. We would think of where to buy phentermine online. We have heard that this is one effective weight loss supplement. So we came across a website where we can buy this online without needing any prescription. It is a website that can confidently refer us to a supplier or seller of this supplement. This site also educates us about the risks, benefits and proper use of Phentermine. Aside from that, if we order online, we are secured that the product comes from a trusted supplier.

Hubby and I know that it in order for us to get on the right track with regards to losing weight, we have to take measures too like proper dieting, exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. So if we will truly take a big bold step, I know we can make it.