Of Wedding Dresses and Wedding Plans

It’s been nine years since I tied the knot with my ex-boyfriend-turned-husband. We had a simple and private wedding with only close friends and family invited. Our budget was just enough and I had to do all the wedding planning myself. But we went overboard our budget when the wedding gown I chose was not the one I wanted it to be. I spent about a hundred dollars for the wedding gown but it turned out to be not-so-nice and it wasn’t the one I wanted. So I had to order a new wedding gown. It was a waste of money and time.

But had I learned about DressFirst, I would have bought my wedding gown from the website. Their wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, even homecoming dresses are just so elegant and pretty and they are made-to-order and if I select the custom size at the website, the dress would be tailored to exactly fit me. I remember bringing my then fiance to the hospital because he was so stressed out due to my wedding gown that was really not wearable. So anyway, had I known DressFirst then, I would really have saved time and money.

As I browse through DressFirst website, it made me think of having my wedding ceremony done all over again. I know I may sound crazy but if I look back, I would have done things differently. I would have a grand wedding and go on a honeymoon and DressFirst would have helped me with our wedding dresses even with my entourage. I would have saved a lot since DressFirst offers free shipping on wedding dress and even on prom dresses. They have a very wide collection of beautiful and elegant wedding dresses, cheap bridesmaid dresses, evening dresses, wedding accessories, even shoes, handbags, veils, and so much more. And if I would ever have a wedding ceremony again (of course with my husband, let’s say renewal of vows), I would really love to wear this wedding gown:

DressFirst wedding dresses

This is a ball-gown strapless chapel train organza charmeuse wedding dress with lace beadwork pegged at $276.99. Its regular price is $380 and it’s a really nice dress plus shipping is free for that. I can also get my wedding favours at DressFirst, it’s like an all-in-one stop shop for all my wedding needs and special occasions! It’s just an amazing website.

Until then, I would only have to dream or maybe plan for our wedding anniversary, we are hoping we will reach golden, and get to see our boys grow up and have families of their own. For now, I’ll satisfy myself with the beautiful collections and reminisce that wonderful day when I wedded my best friend, my sweetheart, my text mate, the love of my life, my ex-boyfriend, now my husband.

Wise Shopping Tip on Mastectomy Lingerie

These days, a great number of women are suffering from breast cancer. No doubt, it is a deadly disease that can make a woman life miserable. It affects her appearances badly as many women suffering from breast cancer have to sacrifice their breasts in order to save their lives, which is called mastectomy. They have had a partial or a complete radical mastectomy. After mastectomy, women suffering from breast cancer can recover but want to cut themselves from all social dos.

Thanks to the modern invention called mastectomy lingerie which has given normal life to these women. These bras help them get back the breast that they have lost due to mastectomy. In other words, these bras give artificial lift. It is hard to recognize that the lift is false as you are allowed to choose the mastectomy bra fits perfectly to your body.

After the 8th weeks of the breast surgery, you can wear a mastectomy bra… A good quality bra has filling of soft shells made of silicone gel. There are no gaps in order to provide proper support and perfect fit. Women who have undergone complete mastectomy should choose cotton seamless bras as they are soft and have wonderful details. These bras don’t get loose and give a nice support to your breasts.

To keep your feminine look alive, you need to give proper time for shopping mastectomy bras. There are some guidelines that can ease your shopping.

The first guideline says about your enough knowledge on these bras. Taking help from the nursing staff from your surgery has done will be a nice idea. The nurse will provide some necessary precautions regarding shopping such as the material you should choose, the size and the brand.

The second guideline is to choose the right fitting and it involves wearing breast forms. There are different sizes, shapes and colours available for the forms. You are advised to choose a custom prosthesis formed as it will seem real because of its perfect fitting. Before shopping, measure the breast and the chest circumferences. It will help you find a comfortable fit bra… By this way, can you able to buy not only bras but also mastectomy swimwear.

Don’t compromise on quality. This is the third guideline which advices you to shop for branded bras.

Do your shopping online. If you don’t want to compromise on quality and at the same time want to buy affordable lingerie. It will be better to make online stores your favourite. It is easy to find number of online stores engaged in offering quality at an affordable price. Make any one of them your favourite and sign in to continue enjoy quality at a reasonable price.

What Not to Eat – Preventing Hot Flashes

Suffering from hot flashes? There’s nothing worse than experiencing a hot flash in the middle of your favorite restaurant. In addition to taking a hot flash prevention medication like Kuhl Care, there are several foods (and beverages) you should avoid in order to decrease the frequency and severity of your hot flashes. Here are just a few of the worst offenders:

Alcohol– many women will experience hot flashes in conjunction with alcohol consumption. The exact mechanism is not known, but may be similar to the flushing effect that some people experience when drinking alcohol. If you want to avoid hot flashes, try a non-alcoholic beverage or stick to water.

Caffeine – caffeine is a hot flash trigger for many women. If you find that your favorite coffee or tea is a trigger for you, try the decaffeinated version of your favorite hot beverage. Caffeine may also cause or worsen headaches, heart palpitations and sleep disturbances, which are more common in menopause. Beverages served hot may be a trigger simply because they warm you up from the inside. Substitute hot or caffeinated beverages for fruit juices or water, which will keep you cooler and help to replenish fluids lost during hot flashes.

Spicy foods – you may find that eating out at your favorite Mexican or Indian restaurant will bring on the hot flashes, as these foods tend to increase internal body temperature. Spicy foods are a common trigger for many women. If you are affected by spices, try ordering a milder version of your favorite dish. Dishes served piping hot may also trigger hot flashes, so you may want to allow very hot dishes to cool down a little before eating. If you can’t live without eating your favorite dishes, be prepared- dress in light layers made of cotton or other materials that will wick moisture away from your skin should a hot flash occur. If you are dining out, carry some moist towelettes with you so that you can freshen up should it become necessary.

Eating a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables that is low in saturated fats and sugar and high in lean protein may also help ward off hot flashes. There is evidence to show that a healthy diet can help ward off the weight gain that sometimes accompanies menopause, and keeping your weight within normal limits is also fundamental in warding off hot flashes.

Nicotine in the form of cigarettes is also a known trigger for hot flashes. Studies have shown that women who smoke are far more likely to suffer from hot flashes, and that hot flashes continue for a longer period of time. Quitting smoking offers many more benefits than preventing hot flashes- your entire cardiovascular system will thank you!

Over time you will likely discover your own personal triggers and learn what measures you can take to relieve your hot flashes. The triggers mentioned above are common triggers but every woman is an individual, and things that bother one woman will not bother another. It may help if you try to take note of when your hot flashes occur and what you were doing just prior to the start of one. In this way, you will become expert in avoiding hot flashes.