Estrogen Dependency Results in Symptoms of Menopause

Estrogen and Progesterone are the main female sex hormones in the body. Estrogen is by  far the most important female hormone, playing a key role in the physiological and emotional aspects of a woman’s life. Estrogen affects the different physical and emotional development of a female including her sexual desire and reproductive growth.

Menopause is the important phase of a woman’s life that is a result of the decrease in the production of estrogen and progesterone hormones in the body. This phase witnesses a number of menopausal symptoms during this phase. Most of these symptoms result from the drop in the level of estrogen in the body. There are many physiological factors as well as emotional aspects of a woman that are dependent on this hormone. There are many pieces of writings that provide a good overview of menopause symptoms here on the Internet; however, a few discuss the effect of estrogen on the female body following menopause.

Female Shape

Estrogen shapes the body of a female and helps it by providing it with the right form required for pregnancy. It also helps in forming the right skeletal structure, thus required to provide strength and form to protect the heart and blood vessels of the body. During menopause, estrogen production stops resulting in changes in the body parts and functionalities that are dependent on this hormone. Hence, many women experience different physical limitations and conditions such as joint aches, backache, general weakness, disturbed sleeping patterns etc.

Emotional Effect

Mood swings, female cribs, sexual desires, and various personality and psychological traits of a woman depend on this hormone. The production of this hormone has varying effects on the different feminine factors such as emotions, feelings, reaction, sentiments etc. When estrogen production stops, females experience a variety of emotional complexities such as sudden mood swings or emotional outbursts, disturbed sleep patterns, changes in sexual desire, and more.


Extreme cases of the side effects of menopause or extreme symptoms of this condition can be very limiting and painful. Many women have severe mood swings and changes in the body such as palpitation and severe joint pain that can disrupt the smooth ageing process, making it unbearable at times. Today, there are various products and treatments easily available to women who face extreme menopausal symptoms. They can even resort to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) or other similar therapies and treatments. They also need to remain physically fit with regular exercise and always make sure they are eating a balanced diet.

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Wise Shopping Tip on Mastectomy Lingerie

These days, a great number of women are suffering from breast cancer. No doubt, it is a deadly disease that can make a woman life miserable. It affects her appearances badly as many women suffering from breast cancer have to sacrifice their breasts in order to save their lives, which is called mastectomy. They have had a partial or a complete radical mastectomy. After mastectomy, women suffering from breast cancer can recover but want to cut themselves from all social dos.

Thanks to the modern invention called mastectomy lingerie which has given normal life to these women. These bras help them get back the breast that they have lost due to mastectomy. In other words, these bras give artificial lift. It is hard to recognize that the lift is false as you are allowed to choose the mastectomy bra fits perfectly to your body.

After the 8th weeks of the breast surgery, you can wear a mastectomy bra… A good quality bra has filling of soft shells made of silicone gel. There are no gaps in order to provide proper support and perfect fit. Women who have undergone complete mastectomy should choose cotton seamless bras as they are soft and have wonderful details. These bras don’t get loose and give a nice support to your breasts.

To keep your feminine look alive, you need to give proper time for shopping mastectomy bras. There are some guidelines that can ease your shopping.

The first guideline says about your enough knowledge on these bras. Taking help from the nursing staff from your surgery has done will be a nice idea. The nurse will provide some necessary precautions regarding shopping such as the material you should choose, the size and the brand.

The second guideline is to choose the right fitting and it involves wearing breast forms. There are different sizes, shapes and colours available for the forms. You are advised to choose a custom prosthesis formed as it will seem real because of its perfect fitting. Before shopping, measure the breast and the chest circumferences. It will help you find a comfortable fit bra… By this way, can you able to buy not only bras but also mastectomy swimwear.

Don’t compromise on quality. This is the third guideline which advices you to shop for branded bras.

Do your shopping online. If you don’t want to compromise on quality and at the same time want to buy affordable lingerie. It will be better to make online stores your favourite. It is easy to find number of online stores engaged in offering quality at an affordable price. Make any one of them your favourite and sign in to continue enjoy quality at a reasonable price.

Staying Healthy for the Family

Hubby and I always make sure that we stay healthy for our family, for the little boys that is. Recently, hubby noticed weight gain on his side and the activities, the food trips, and the outings we had a couple of weeks ago, all contributed to the slight increase in his weight. So as a result, he went back to walking, controlling his food intake and dieting as well. He now skips eating rice for breakfast, but instead goes for a bowl of oatmeal. Significantly, his diet showed improvements, he has lost a few pounds already and his tummy is no longer that big anymore.

As for me, since I work online and has to finish tasks the soonest possible time, I usually stay up late, which I know is not good for the health. I also stay seated for prolonged periods of time, which also means a red flag for the health. I am fully aware of the risks and dangers of such inactivity, so I make sure that I get to stand up, take breaks, play with Baby Job and Kuya Bogs, chase after them, do chores and do afternoon walks with hubby (and the kids). I don’t want to accumulate cellulite in my thighs and legs so as much as possible, I don’t remain inactive all day long. I also follow Amberen deals on Twitter to keep me updated on how to lose weight and be ready for menopausal symptoms in the near future.

Staying healthy for the kids is one of our priorities, our kids are still young and they still have a long way to go, while we, their parents are already middle-aged individuals, so we try as much as we can to live a healthy lifestyle.