30-Day Challenge

In one of my blog hops a few weeks ago, I saw this one blog that has an ongoing 30-day blog challenge. I stayed on that blog for a while and read about the challenge. Well, eventually, I was challenged! 🙂 And I promised that blogger that I will do the challenge on my new blog. I don’t know if I am going to write down for 30 days? Well, I guess I have her blog to follow! hehehe…

She wrote down the following:

  1. Share a recent picture and something about your week.
  2. What’s the meaning behind your blog name?
  3. Share something about your hometown.
  4. Share something about the TV show you’re currently addicted to.
  5. Share your insights on why you Facebook.
  6. Share a story about your most serious injury.
  7. Share a short letter to your ex-boyfriend.
  8. Share something about your favorite blogs.
  9. Share something about your favorite cartoon character.
  10. List 20 of your favorite movies.
  11. Share some insights about your pet peeves.
  12. Your nicknames and why you have them.
  13. Share something about your celebrity crushes.
  14. Share something about your favorite music/musician.
  15. Share something about your pets.
  16. Share something about your favorite book.
  17. Share something you’re afraid of.
  18. Share your thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of being single.
  19. Share something about a song that makes you smile.
  20. Share something about your least favorite subject in school.
  21. Google, Firefox, Rockmelt or Yahoo?
  22. Favorite Bible verse.
  23. What is your biggest blogging pet peeve?
  24. If you could pick a name for yourself, what would it be?
  25. Why do you blog?
  26. What’s your opinion about blog awards/tags?
  27. What are your childhood ambitions?
  28. Share a story about your adolescence.
  29. What do you usually notice when you watch a movie?
  30. Do you believe that in the year 2012, it’s the end of the world?

So, this is the challenge, everyday, I am going to write something about the topics listed above. The blogger mentioned that along with the 30-day challenge, I have to do at least 5,000 steps a day! Oh my, this is one heck of a challenge really! Can I have my hubby do the steps while I do the writing??? hehehe… :-). Actually I have altered some of her rules… Leah, I hope you don’t mind… 🙂

Tomorrow is a new day and tomorrow, I start with my challenge! Good luck to me (and to my hubby)!

W E L C O M E!!!

Welcome everyone!

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This is now my third blog and this domain is courtesy of Mommy Rubz of Pinay Mommy Online. Recently, I joined her contest and nominated a new friend Mona of workingathome. Fortunately, she won the contest and the one who nominated will also win. And the prize??? This free domain for a year and a web hosting package too! What a way to start the year!

I have named this blog Hands Full of Life because being a stay-at-home-mom, my hands are always full of things to do… 🙂 there’s laundry to wash, food to cook, house to clean, hubby and little boy to feed, and errands and chores here and there! Although this has become a routine, but there is no time in the day that I find my hands empty or something for that matter! Well, that’s how moms are and will always be! Agree or disagree?? 🙂

This will be another personal blog, and as my tagline says, this will be my online journal, hopefully not so many rants and raves here… 🙂 I hope to express love, hope, faith, devotion, beauty, unity and everything else in this blog. So guys, blogger friends, hope to see you around!!!

Happy Blogging everyone! 🙂