Easter Treats Using Rice Krispies

Spring is finally here! Yippeee! I have finally put away our winter jackets and snow boots and the grass have already turned green! What a beautiful sight it is too to see spring flowers sprouting in the gardens around us!

So glad that Easter is in Spring and just before the Easter weekend, my boys and I got a red box from Kelloggs and we were in for some really yummy and creative Easter treats! Here’s what’s inside the box:

A box of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies, a pack of mini marshmallows, a pack of Cadbury Mini Eggs, two decorative icing tubes, a pack of cupcake liners, jelly beans and a spatula!

Honestly, I had to hide the marshmallows and the mini eggs because my boys wanted to open and eat them! They wanted to dig in right away, lol! Thankfully, they were willing to wait for one more day to make the Easter treats!

So after breakfast yesterday, as promised, we started making some Easter treats using all that was in the red box. By the way, along with all the treats in the box, came a guide for three Rice Krispies recipe ideas. My eldest helped me melt the marshmallows and when it was done, we started making Easter Eggs. We also made an Easter bunny and some Spring flowers. The little boys were all hands in decorating the treats.

Rice Krispies Easter recipe ideas

My little boys enjoyed making the Easter eggs and decorating it! My youngest also kept digging into the Rice Krispies and Cadbury Mini Eggs and he had so much fun!

Although the little boys are not really that crafty and creative, but they did their best in decorating and making the Rice Krispies Easter treats. I am proud of what they have done and here’s a snap of what they made:

Even though it’s not the most adorable and cute little Easter bunny, it is still a bunny for them! We had so much fun making the Easter egg treats and they said they will bring it down to hubby’s aunt Tita Bambi and Kevin as they love to eat Rice Krispies! We also ate the remaining Rice Krispies and the mini eggs!

Happy Easter everyone! 


Tri-Axis (3D Motion) Pedometer by Ozeri Review

Two weeks ago, I received another great product for review, it’s the Tri-Axis (3D Motion) Pedometer by Ozeri.

pedometer by ozeri

Winter has been really harsh and tough and has not allowed us to go on long walks outside and I believe that I have gained weight in the last winter months because of hours of immobility. Immobility in the sense that I don’t want to go outside on my days off because it’s too cold and even running errands puts a big toll on me… thus, the temperatures have made me want to just stay home, eat, and do the chores.

Realizing that we need to be a lot more mobile, hubby and I started exercising (again). Because it is too cold to go for walks and or jog outside, we just “walk in place” inside our bedroom. I also started doing tummy exercises and bought an exercise hula hoop. This is where the Tri-Axis (3D Motion) Pedometer by Ozeri comes handy. Because hubby also started watching his calorie intake and how many calories he has burned, the pedometer by Ozeri is just the perfect tool to just do that.

The Tri-Axis (3D Motion) Pedometer by Ozeri is a great exercise tool that tracks the total number of steps we take and the total time we spend walking… or in our case, jogging in place. It also tracks the distance we’ve walked and the calories we’ve burned. The pedometer’s motion sensor is optimized to detect steps while walking. It is so sensitive that even after my first few steps just around the house after I first activated it, it recorded 12 steps immediately.

pedometer by ozeri

It can count up to one (1) million steps… and that’s a whole lot of steps! It has a 7-day memory, although it resets every midnight, the pedometer will still add each day’s data to the total memory accumulating data for up to 7 days. It has a blue backlight for night viewing, split screen display for multi-data views and has three recording modes, today, split and total.

What I like about the Tri-Axis (3D Motion) Pedometer by Ozeri is that it is ultra-slim and fits in any pocket. I like its motion sensitivity and it is very accurate. It helps me and hubby keep track of the calories we burn every time we walk. So that makes us aware of how much calories we should have and then burn more to keep our weights. The Tri-Axis (3D Motion) Pedometer by Ozeri is really helping us a lot in terms of our goal to lose weight, and step by step, the exercise tool records and the data it shows tells us to burn more to achieve our ideal weights.

Although at first activation, I got confused on how to set the weight and other data in the pedometer, still, I was able to get it right. We have brought the pedometer with us in our weekend walks and so far it has been very useful. We couldn’t walk that fast because we always bring our two boys with us. The pedometer though does not record when we walk at an inconsistent pace.

So for those who are really into walking and want to keep track of their distance and to instantly know how many calories they have burnt (not relying into their phone app to do this), the Tri-Axis (3D Motion) Pedometer by Ozeri is a must-have. I would recommend this handy and amazing product to anyone. If you want to know more about the pedometer and other great products from Ozeri, you can visit the following links:

Website: http://ozeri.com/health.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OzeriProducts?fref=ts

The Tri-Axis (3D Motion) Pedometer by Ozeri is also available in Amazon.

*Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the product mentioned above for review purposes only. The opinions are my own, based on personal experience with the product. 

Hello Winter! We Meet Again, In Spring!

Just when the days have warmed up and Spring has some blooms already… here comes Winter… and we meet again…

Hello Winter!

That’s all there is to say today… :-)


Designer Handbags for Mum

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and for sure many of you out there are now thinking of what to give your mum on this special day. I am also thinking of what to give my mum, but since she lives thousands of miles away from me and is on the other side of the world, I guess I should by now be sending my gift for her… that is if I have already decided on what to give her. I’m thinking of giving her a purse as I have seen a lot of wholesale designer inspired handbags on a website and I think she would really like it.

Knowing that my mum does not go out often and because she is in a wheelchair, she might not be able to use the purse as often as she can. But the designer handbags for mum on the website I found were just so nice that I even wanted one for myself. This one I would want my mum to have:

designer handbags for mum

My mum would really look good with this handbag. I love the red crisscross pattern and the flower that goes with it. I will see if I can send one for her this Mother’s Day. I am sure she will be happy to receive one. Oh, since my mum lives with two other mums, I guess I will have to send three of these! ;-)