Rockin’ Bubble Guppies

My boys love Bubble Guppies and there’s this one episode that my little one loves, I think it’s called We Totally Rock. This is where the cute Bubble Guppies play musical instrument and they are a band playing rock music. They look so cool and yes, they totally rock! Here’s a snapshot of that episode:

I love to watch Bubble Guppies with my boys and even though I have seen many episodes of this cartoon show, we still watch it again and again. I even find myself browsing at musical stores online like the musician’s friend and look for musical instruments for my boys. We do have the ChordBuddy Jr and my eldest has been playing it since we got it.

My little one also dances to a lot of music, sings to most tunes and to the music that I listen to. I really love it when we sing together and make music. Just like when we watch Bubble Guppies, we sing and dance with the Gill, Oona, Mr. Grouper and the other fun characters of the cartoon show. I hope that my boys continue to develop their love for music as they grow older, for sure, and with TV shows like Bubble Guppies, we won’t have a quiet house :-)


#Funlunch for My Summer Camper #Bentolove

I find myself spending more time in Pinterest and browsing through a lot of bento blogs, fun lunches and creative food art for kids and adults alike. I just love the super cute and fun lunches that bento bloggers make for their kiddos. I have made a lot of fun lunches but I don’t often post them in my Instagram or Facebook account because it is a far cry from the ones that I see and follow online. But I am practising a lot, learning from those who have been doing this for a long time.

Today, I prepared a very simple lunch (and snacks) for my summer camper and this is what’s in his lunchbox:

fun lunch bento

Ham roll ups, nut-free chocolate chip cookies, carrot sticks with ranch dip (in small dipper) and banana (not in photo).

My son is a picky eater and hopefully with portions like this, he will be able to learn different kinds of food and enjoy every bite. I hope to become better in this craft though as next year, my youngest will be in school and I will be preparing two lunch boxes already. Wish me luck! :-)


Goodbye Lake Ontario, Hello Treetops

So it is final and confirmed… no, I am not pregnant, but it is and will happen… we are moving! Two months shy of our second year here in Canada, we are already moving! We will be saying goodbye to our million-dollar view of the Lake Ontario and will be saying hello to treetops! :(

From our beautiful view here on the 16th floor of our apartment building, we will be moving to another unit (in the same building though) that will have more space for the boys, their own room and a bigger balcony! That makes me happy. I do like the idea that it will be a bigger unit, but the view is just not as pretty as what we have now. The view from above is just so amazing and I am thankful every single day that I get to see a wider perspective, I can see so many things, I see three cities from our space, I see Burlington, Hamilton, a view of St. Catharines and on very clear nights (and sometimes days) Niagara and the skyscrapers in that bustling city. So with us moving ten floors down, it’s gonna be a total adjustment. I will surely miss my beautiful view and the only chance to see it is when we go up to Tita Bambi’s place on the 15th floor which only happens on special occasions. That makes me sad.

So when’s the big date? The first of August!!! It’s just a couple of weeks and the tedious task of packing will soon commence. I don’t know if I will be able to pull it through in the next few weeks. Juggling part-time work, plus picking up my eldest in Summer camp, packing, taking care of my 3-year old boy, chores and cleaning for viewing, all these… whew! I really hope I can get some hand from hubby as well, I know he will need his rest during the day, and when I leave for work, he is left to looking after the boys and making them dinner. Honestly, I am a little stressed, thinking of the costs, the moving itself and everything related to it, I am at my wits end!

I just really hope everything will turn out fine… it’s just our first move… and probably there will be more moves in the coming years.


Wordless Wednesday – Double Rainbow

It’s been ages since I last joined Wordless Wednesday! I used to share photos taken with my trusty old DSLR but uploading photos to my laptop and the other tedious processes that go with photography had me stop joining WW. But thanks to this beautiful double rainbow, I got inspired to do Wordless Wednesdays again! Armed with my iPhone, I went out of our balcony (it was very windy and my knees and feet wobbled at the sight sixteen floors down), I took this picturesque (for me) scene.

It’s just a beauty!

double rainbow